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So, IF (big if) there's enough money coming in today to turn the price around there's got to be at least $18M USD coming in per day. In May the market only needs $7M. But if $18M is coming in, and $7M is all that's needed to sustain price what do you think will happen to price?

I do not doubt bitcoin price will rise, expressed in dollars, @aggroed. I think it is time already to make a transition to express the relation of bitcoin towards an established value — gold. For example: At the end of June 2017 (just before the Great Crypto Boom) one bitcoin was worth 1.96432 oz

Today, one bitcoin buys 5.20347 oz

The other point would be… There will be no crypto boom like it was 2017 ever more. Years 2018 and 2019 were a learning years. We saw the decoupling of bitcoin value with altcoins. I guess professor Saifedean Ammous was right talking about the growing awareness that bitcoin is real value keeper (like all PoW coins), while a mass of other altcoins (usually “improved” PoS) are at best nice transaction tool, and at worst a blatant fraud.