Who the f*** is @themilkymark and why is he threatening people?!

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Today I received a memo from @themilkymark with following message:

Memo Please REMOVE your witness vote from the downvote freek @themarkymark, he doesn't deserve to be in the top 20 witnesses! You have 24 HOURS from now to act, otherwise you will be DOWNVOTED! (Just let you know how you feel when you received downvotes) Link to remove the witness vote: https://beta.steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=themarkymark&approve=0 For reasons to remove the vote, please check out this post: https://busy.org/@fuk.themarkymark/fuck-themarkymark


First of all, who are you?
And more importantly who the fuck do you think you are to threaten me to downvote my posts if I don’t remove my witness vote from @themarkymark!

Do these people really think this way is effective?

Do whatever you like! I won’t remove any witness vote. Unless I myself decide to do so.


Yep, same here! I suppose he sent it to everyone who votes for themarkymark. And I had the same reaction as you the instance I saw the message.

Yeah, I saw that lots of people received it indeed. Reactions on this guys wallet are hilarious 😂

Yup, I saw on themarkymark's post a selection of them. :D

I also received an... upvote from this milky guy. Maybe he switched it after seeing what he provoked? Or he's trying to create the impression that some are playing by his ultimatum, when they are not. Whatever...

I received the same bullshit. Hypocritical bastard. Threatening to downvote if we don't unvote someone who he says is downvoting people. WHAT AN IDIOT! Why would you try to accomplish a goal by threatening to do the very thing that you are claiming to be rising up against. FUCKING DUMBASS!!!!

Makes totally no sense indeed. This guy really made me upset. Starting with “please” and ending with “you have 24 hours”...

The delegation is leased from @joele via @dlease. It expires in 4 weeks. Doubt he'll be able to take down everyone that he just messaged. That's a lot of posts, and even with 100k SP, that's not going to be enough to destroy everyone. If anything, let's post more content so his downvotes become worthless!

Yep, 100k SP is not gonna destroy anyone. Maybe he can downvote a couple of people a lot, but that's not going to change anything.

He also upvoted my last post for some reason:

themilkymark: 8% (0.085 STU)

He also sent the threat, though. I truly hope that if he picks a couple of people to downvote, one of them is not going to be me lol. It'd be a hit of like 15% of my current income.

I don’t really care actually. I do what I want to do, not what a random person tells me to do.

Yeah, same. If he starts hitting me I'll just complain and see if people come back me up against the bully :D Especially marky :)

Though if it's small enough I won't care. I've got enough votes to disregard any downvote below 0.1

Look at what the SBI community did in response to that mmkk guy. They banded together and started giving each other upvotes to counter the downvotes. I suspect we'll start seeing more of that. I'll probably be watching this 仆街 so I can help out a little bit. Definitely won't be able to counteract all of his downvotes, but I can do some of them...

What's 仆街?

And sure! Let's ally to counteract him if he starts hitting us :)

It's cantonese. Literally means "fall down in the street" but carries quite a bit of vulgarity in it.


Let him take his best shot. I don’t mind the downvote, it is just his arrogance irritating me.

Yeah, I got that nonsense too. Kinda makes me wish I had a fatter account to vote marky even harder into witnessing.

Hahah indeed. I don’t even know anything about their discussion. Wtf is this threatening then?! Makes absolutely no sense at all.

Yeah, not a very effective bullying technique. Reading the replies he got to his wallet is kinda priceless, though.

Nah, @themarkymark is cool! Sounds like @themilkymark is milky just as his name implies! lol MilkyMark is wrong for trying to impose his views on others. Seems like milky mark is salty cause he dumped his steem at the lows! lol Milky mark is just one of the haters, he hates all cryptos and everything under the sun!!

Hahaha thanks for your comment mate. Helped me cooling down :) this milky guy made me a bit upset :))

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