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RE: Warning to vote buyer/sellers! - Introducing GrumpyCompliance, mandatory in 14 days. (No more post-promotion allowed past 3.5 days)

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This is something I definitely support. But I think the bigger problem is the selling regardless of quality. Spam plagiarism and all kinds of shitposts are getting to the trending page.


Omg...I live in a fictional world. If the rules say to write the original quality text, then I try and do so. And it turns out tt spam articles in the top and the less effort the more popular. Nevertheless, I would be ashamed to copy someone's work. But this is upon conscience of everyone.
Too upset now. Will go to make a coffee and calm down...

I'll join you for coffee. Buying upvotes, IMO, is just buying visibility. People who already have a lot of SP and/or powerful friends can enjoy that without voting bots. Obviously, rising to the top has little to do with quality most of the time and a lot to do with the SP one can command either through buying, having, or working with others.

I will say most bots are pretty crappy and getting crappier so far as the value they give for payments anyway. I hope everybody who wants to buy votes knows how to use this Steem bot tracker:

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Buncha buttheads here, it seems :)

Remove all your spam or ill downvote them so I do not have to see this crap everywhere.

@nicnas i will assume you are referring to rijal10 and usmanjutt. as i am saying the same thing as you...but in a lighthearted package.

Spam plagiarism and all kinds of shitposts are getting to the trending page.

Thats the main reason i dislike the site. Also there is no way to block bots that spam generic shit on everyone of my posts.

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