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RE: Different teams with different goals for the future of Steem

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I don't want to be anywhere where Justin is. Many westerners still don't understand how evil the CCP can be and the type of dirty tricks they can get up to, so please don't be fooled by any gestures you may see.


Finally someone who dares to say it! I'm not sure if the CCP is in it but I'm damn sure Justin has no good intentions! I've had this feeling from day one, since the famous AMA in which he looked like dropped from the moon. Many have said the acquisition has been leaked and that's why he was so unprepared, knew very little about the ecosystem, the community and Steem in general.
I had a different opinion but kept it to myself. He knew nothing about us and the chain because he had no plan with us, other than to destroy us and the stunts he has pulled confirm my suspicions.