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RE: Offer to Purchase for Custody of the Steem Community

in #steemlast year

That is the most constructive solution i heard in this whole "mess".
I really like "... that this domain should never be sold to individual or corporate control but rather forever remain in the ownership of a community trust."
But let me ask.....the not transferable part of the ninja mined steem that Ned sold Tron Boy is only...let's say a "gentlemen agreement" on trust?
Or is it a clause in a contract, to be hold accountable for?


Thanks for the appreciation. As far as the stake goes it is riddled with social debt from various representations Steemit and Ned made in roadmaps, media addresses, internal chat channels etc, which lulled investors into buying into Steem on that premise. This post however has nothing to do with the stake but rather the UI, I am shifting my personal focus to securing a community owned UI.