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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

in #steem5 months ago (edited)
Some of you are also aware, that I've managed to reach out to TheRising and this user decided to support our community efforts by following our curation trail with 100% voting power. Which is mindblowing, since he has approx 450k Steem Power (and Hive Power).

i think this is the big achievement of ph community and i am really thankful to therising to support ph community's valuable contents. And thanks to the leader @crypto.piotr

Some users are simply very active and engaging in comments; investing their own time into consuming content published within PH. Bringing extra value into our community.

This is what that i am believe in. We have to see that What other people think by reading their publications and we have to give opinion there. This is called best way to engage.

Regarding no powerdown policy, this will give a strength to the both platforms. and yes liquid steem/hive enough to cover expenses, we don't have to powerdown steem/hive.

moreover i really liked and appreciate all the new terms and condition because this is helpful for community and both platform as well.

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