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RE: For PH community members only: few words about our curation trail

in #steem5 months ago

Glad to see the community getting so well organized. Love that the focus is on growth first. It's so early in the phase of Project Hope that this ensures the best outcome for everyone involved. The growth we've seen already over the past couple of months has been amazing. Everything being done to handle the conflict between the two chains has progressed better than expected. Even so, we need to remain diligent in how we move forward. I still see efforts to undermine both blockchains from both Steemit and Hive diehards. Some of the conflict is covert, while others are heated arguments that have resulted in the alteration of both blockchain codes. I believe our community can be one of the leaders during this transition. My hope is that both become successful in their own right. And I believe the efforts outlined here are steps in the right directions.

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