# Daily Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) Price Report - 2018-01-11

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Daily Steem and Steem dollars (SBD) price Report - 2018-01-11



Price in Bitcoin: 0.00034428 BTC
Price in USD: 4.65769 USD
24 Hour Volume: 15350100.0 USD
Market Capacity: 1148539438.0 USD
Available Supply: 246589927.0 STEEM
Total Supply: 263564021.0 STEEM
Price Change in 1 Hours: -1.13 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: -12.76 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -32.85 %

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Price in Bitcoin: 0.00043126 BTC
Price in USD: 5.7616336000043 USD
24 Hour Volume: 2865140.0 USD
Market Capacity: 33929126.0 USD
Available Supply: 5817711.0 SBD
Total Supply: 5817711.0 SBD
Price Change in 1 Hours: 0.1 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: -15.84 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -35.46 %

Price and Data Source: coinmarketcap.com & bittrex.com
Image Source: cryptocoinview.com

This Report will be updated Daily in this time.

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Not sure why I hadn't paid attention to this before, but there is WAY less SBD then Steem. Only about 2.2%. Thinking I might need to start accumulating more.

No problems with the price drop, I am confident in the STEEMIT/STEEM/STEEM$ stories. The public investing community is going to make longs with this wealthy...Great article, saw it on steemconnect, thanks for the solid content @mahdiyari! UPVOTE

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