How about I try to put things in perspective?!

in #steemlast year (edited)

Alright, this platform and platforms like this are created for people to interact just the way in other social medias.
The catch here is that people are getting rewards for this interaction, which is great.
But lets not be hypocrites here, we all are here to earn while appreciating and interacting with each other.
So some might start connecting themselves with pools to boost up their work, which I'm totally ok with btw.
So when someone connected to a pool or a bot posting an engaging and worthy comment under a post, doesn't he/she have the right to get rewards for it?!!!
Take a look at most of the posts with high up-votes everyday, they barely have any engaging comments or interactions and many get offended when a person comments and has a bot liking that comment.
Just like many of the content creators out here who are paying bots to for up-votes and boosts, I pay a bot to support my engagement and interaction to their contents and posts.
So if you don't see your own hypocrisy here, you should rethink the idea of interaction and engagement! It's not a one-sided road honey! ;)


I just want to know your comments and maybe discuss and be real about this, because I don't seems to understand this completely. I could use some help maybe. @steemmatt @hiddenblade @waybeyondpadthai @eveuncovered @purepinay @ghostfish

Peace! <3