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I want to thank @steemchiller and Nia for their words of encouragement and for making me see that there are still people among the witnesses who really care about Steem's future and the community. We have lived through too much drama, too much hostility; now I cannot refuse a hand extended from fellowship and sincerity. I hope that in a few days my witness node will be back up and running and generating blocks as I continue to work to expand Steem's horizon.

To err is human, to forgive divine (Alexander Pope)

Hola amigos.
Debido a los recientes acontecimientos provocados por la aplicación del HF23 he decidido abandonar la blockchain de Steem junto con mi proyecto Rada Quest TCG (@radaquest) [...]


Toda una lastima que tenga que pasar todo esto y tanto tú como tu juego tengan que buscar en otra parte cuando ya en esta comunidad teníamos nuestro hogar... y ahora que? tienes penado en algo o sigues buscado donde trasladar tu juego?

Saludos cariño y bueno... te deseo suerte y mucho éxito, espero no perdamos contacto. ;)

La decisión aún no está tomada pero todo apunta a WAX

I upvoted you not because I'm happy with your decision. I think you are a good guy and you should get a chance to enter the top witness ranks. We are in the process of removing those trolls from our platform. Let me tell you that nobody likes the current situation and how it all went recently.

If you should decide to give Steem a second chance, please let me know ;)

Dear friend @steemchiller, when Hive hit us with the separation, your strength gave me the strength to stay here. I trusted a new Steem ruled by sincere, generous and community-minded people like you. The future was exciting. But Steem's governance hasn't changed much. I don't know what happened. I don't know why it happened. I don't know what should have happened. I was just a number on a list. A dreamer who talked alone to himself in front of the mirror. I've been lonely, frustrated and lost.

I want to be sincere whit you. While looking for a way out I found WAX, a perfect place for my main project Rada Quest. It has everything Steem has promised for years and I want to take advantage of it.

I don't trust Steem. I trust people. People like you. But what am I left with here? What can I do for Steem or for the community? It's comforting to know that I can count on your support but I feel like a useless Witness. Social promoter? Developer? Improve the fu#@&g documentation? I don't know. I wish there were more people like you, we'd have made a great team.

I was just a number on a list. A dreamer who talked alone to himself in front of the mirror. I've been lonely, frustrated and lost.

Many people here know that you are way more than just a number. You are one of those who have an eye for the detail and who, whatever their current goal is, will deliver something of tremendous value. Some call it talent, I call it love in creation.

Social promoter? Developer? Improve the fu#@&g documentation? I don't know.

The beauty with the current situation is that there are so many things to choose from regarding improving the future of Steem. I guess, it will not be like this in a few months anymore, because many new people, with the mission 'let's fill the gaps' in mind, will appear. The genius idea always stays the same, just its builders and users might change from time to time.

Because I was very busy recently, I didn't notice you leaving. It were people in our private witness channel who mentioned this:

  • Recently, @marcosdk witness also stopped operating the node.
  • marcosdk is a good guy and I think he should be in the top.
  • I agree. However, few people supported him, and he stopped the node 7 days ago.
  • Oh he left us a few days ago... Hopefully I can get him back.
  • Let us know if there's anything we can help.

Just let us know, if you still want to work on improving the documentation or something else. I would send you an invitation to join our channel. Maybe we can get you into the top ranks.

I'm surprised, I didn't expect this. We all make mistakes, I may even have made a mistake with a decision that was too abrupt. But I don't write in stone. I believe that if there's a will, we can rebuild what was broken. I'm in a complicated situation in my work; I will need a few days to try to rebuild my node.

We wish you good luck and a road full of success. Thank you

Que te vaya bien mano, esto se esta poniendo color de hormiga y creo que el barril de polvora que sostiene estas blockchain se acerca a su mecha.
cuida tus llaves no te vayan a robar el juego tambien, saludos.

Estaremos atentos a los vientos de cambio de dial @marcosdk

Te admiro como persona y como creador.

Respeto tu decisión y te entiendo porque
en verdad la situación es tensa e intensa.

Que encuentres un buen acomodo y que el
éxito te bendiga, @Marcosdk

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