FREE 24-7 Live Charts Of Steem, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, and Litecoin. From Gregory Mannarino

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Into Crypto's? The free charts on my website of Steem, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, and Litecoin, are all LIVE 24-7. Click here:

Gregory Mannarino, The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."


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It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

Your charts and and statistics are always amazing and helpful. Plus you are providing them for free. Takes alot of work and attention and time to make and share them.thanks keep up the good work.

It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

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Great news sir the charts of steemit..keep it up.

very helpful chart with useful information about most of the crpytocurrency!!!! Great new!Thanks for sharing the chart @marketreport

I'm wondering about Ripple. Steem is doing alright, but Ripple has to fight not to loose even more. At least for the moment, I don't see them going up.

Anyways, thanks for the info. Always appreciated

very nice post sir.. thanks for sharing.. sir..

Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appriciate that

Thanks for sharing man!

Why does your posts attract so many spammers? Will check out your charts :D

Thanks for the update

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Thank you for you commitment and dedication to getting market information out to the masses in a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is sort of way. I greatly appreciate your market updates.

I am re-steeming this post to my followers in hopes that more people will follow your blog posts, daily market updates, as well as favorite your website (which I check several times or more a day).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fantastic week!
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I've noticed all those Giant Up-Votes you've been passing
out lately, so I figured I better stop by and say hi, Mr Robin
Hood of Wall Street... You've come a long way...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange A Penny may cost a Dollar...

really nice post I like it tnx for

Steem is getting better and better. If you look up the price of steem vs bitcoin for the last few months....steem is doing way better

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Thanks for the post and the free charts - I will surely use them!

already did use them. it's kinda nice having all of the info in one page, including the graphs. in coinmarketcap you haven't got the graphs on the main page :(

Best website on the net! upvoted/resteemed

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much…

No matter how much you pass out or as you say "donate", it all comes back in our Rewards...

really a good work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts greg sir

Nice sir its great news..i will see your new chart website of steemit,bitcoin.
Keep it up sir.

thanx for this live chart on crypto and give us reprots daily your work is best alwasy

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Thank you for an update video!

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your anylesis on stock and market and predictions are always good and i always need its greg sir i also

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Honestly you opened my eyes to a lot of bs that goes on in the market. I'm just starting to learn all this stuff after getting my feet wet with crypto.

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bitc, xrp is best versul cryptos good post

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