How To Get People Interested in Joining Steem?

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I don't know the answer to that question. It's obvious to me why I should write a blog and publish photographs on Steem and nowhere else if I had to choose one platform. The money is simple vastly better than anywhere else. Steem is also decentralized and I have true ownership of my content on Steem. While I can be flagged and demonetized that way there exist no heavily bureaucratic system of algorithmic filtering I could become a victim of out of some stupid arbitrary reason like a technical glitch or something. For example, @gamer00 was banned from Twitter because he made a Finnish language tweet that included the abreviation "kys." (from kyseinen meaning "that in question"). Some algorithm on Twitter ignored the language and interpreted "kys." as the English language acronym KYS meaning "Kill Yourself". @gamer00's emails haven't been answered to and there can be literally a million other cases in the queue before his. Nothing like that can happen on Steem.

This bird is as dead on arrival (the cat brought it to us) as my onboarding efforts.

I know people have successfully onboarded new Steemians. Hell, I was once onboarded myself! Is there a strategy involved? How do you talk to people who you think might be interested in joining Steem and would benefit from that? Is it a numbers game or do you somehow pick out the promising ones from a crowd with some kind of radar? @tarazkp has onboarded dozens of people. Some of those people were active for close to a year! He has said at some point that he's done with onboarding for now, though, because very few of his catches had staying power as they seemed to fall victim to the last crypto winter. But I think it would help Steem if our numbers kept going up.

Please help me, I want to learn how to do it. I recall having easier time getting pretty young women to go to bed with me when I was young and single than getting people to join Steem has been for the past couple of years, which is an indication of what a fucking disaster my onboarding attempts are. LOL

There is a business aspect to this as well. I know some people have been saying that onboarding is best left to apps and that Steem may not be ready for mass adoption, yet. I'm talking about organic growth here. I've got a couple of account tickets claimed already and I'm technically ready to onboard a couple of friends or other people interested.


So far my only one onboarded here was the one black guy I met in Bucharest. He pretty much stopped after one-two posts, like I was expecting.

My friends haven't really gotten interested even though I've talked about this stuff (crypto, Steem) and they even read my blogs here on regular basis. They are somewhat open-minded though, one has even put money into investment funds - like I have - so I might get him interested and try onboarding again once I can start claiming accounts.

It's beginning to sound to me like apps should not actually require people to create Steem accounts at all at first. Joining Steem should be as easy as joining Facebook. Just an email account or a Facebook login should be enough. An app should act as a custodian of their accounts and offer them them an opportunity to take control of their own account once they have enough Steem Power to begin transacting smoothly. This is how works. I don't know what does if the user does not want to begin using their account themselves. Will it continue to retain custody of it? Perhaps it should. As the rewards accumulate, the more incentivized the user will be to take control of their account. Another possibilty is that the app use guest accounts while posting on behalf of guest users and keep the rewards while using them to reward registered users. Even in that case, the app might want to calculate and remind the user of what they are missing out on. I don't know that the best policy is but the neat thing is that there need not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

I think the masses might not be ready to take full control over their data and to monetize the data their online activities generate. At least that probably takes some priming by mass media in stories that highlight the evils of the likes of Facebook and other social media giants.

I'd be happy if mass adoption took off on Steem. But I'm afraid it wouldn't necessarily look the same as adoption so far.

An app should act as a custodian of their accounts and offer them them an opportunity to take control of their own account once they have enough Steem Power to begin transacting smoothly. This is how works.

I think something like this could be the solution for easing onboarding for regular folks. I think it's actually ingenious. No need to have all the complications right in the beginning when one's account is still barely worth anything. But once it is, one could take the step for full ownership of the account.

Why isn't Steemit doing this?

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Steemit is beta. Or is it any longer? Anyway, there is some work involved in taking custody of the user's accounts. Steemit, Inc has other, more pressing concerns at this point rather than onboarding such as implementing the core blockchain roadmap. Onboarding is easily taken care of by third party apps.

Steemit is beta. Or is it any longer?

I think they finally escaped beta :D But it's true that onboarding is probably better left for the third party apps with Steemit Inc. being busy with SMTs and stuff.

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I think most people are not interesting in creating any content more than the fast selfie, or interacting with more than pressing like, so I'd only ever try to bring here people that are already interested in sharing something, be it about their life or writing/photographing what ever their interest is.

Good point and I do try and pick such people. I have friends who are very active on Facebook and who create actual quality content. One said last year that he had made a few hundred from ads on Blogger. On Steem, he could’ve made thousands. I guess most people are pack animals scared of anything really new. But that’s also good news because it means nothing has to be fundamentally wrong with our product.

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For those who are already creating content on somewhere, all they would need to do is start posting the same thing, or an adaptation of it, here, just on the side and see where it leads. There is no risk in that. In a way, that is how I started, I was already posting pictures on Instagram, getting nothing out of it and feeling I couldn't share everything I wanted, then I heard of this place and diverted my attention to here.

Absolutely. There are even tools for that like Share2Steem that allows one to autopost to Steem any content from Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. I once explained what Steem was to some people who were discussing monetizing their photography on the YouTube channel of Nigel Danson. Some complained they got almost nothing out of putting their photos for sale on stock photo sites. Nobody commented or liked. Morons. Thanks to posting my pictures to Steem almost on a daily basis for the last six months, I've made a few dollars worth of tokens per one set of 5-10 photos (organically + from @ocdb). That's actually more per day than one guy wrote he had made from stock photo sites ever. And he'd been at it for as long as such sites have existed. That guy was older than I am and he had had photography as a hobby for decades and most likely is a much better photographer than I currently am.

I've told several people I'm ready to hold their hand to get them started properly. I have a feeling that it's going to take some time before people are ready for this. At some point when the internet giants have had their reputations tarnished in enough scandals early adopters will begin to look for something else. Perhaps it takes more publicity in mainstream media. But when the early adopters come, we may be quickly drowned in people wanting in.

I recall having easier time getting pretty young women to go to bed with me when I was young and single

:D :D Hyvä vertaus. Uusien rekrytointi on kyllä to-del-la vaikeaa.

Mä en myöskään tiedä. Olen lopettanut Steemistä ja kryptovaluutoista puhumisen tutuilleni. Ensin pitäisi tietää mitkä sanat valita jotta toinen ei olisi heti: "Niin emmä kyllä louhimaan ala, mikä shitcoin, eikö se ole pyramidihuijaus, emmä kyllä blogikirjoitteluun lähde, ei siellä ole mua kiinnostavia aiheita, noi postausavaimet kuulostaa kamalan hankalalta...", sitten jos vahingossa valitsee oikeat sanat ja toinen kiinnostuu niin pitäisi saada se ihminen aloittamaan ja tekemään se ensimmäinen postaus (en ole päässyt koskaan näin pitkälle kenekään kanssa) ja sitten tietysti on vielä se että ne tyypit pitäisi saada pysymäänkin täällä.

Mä en kyllä ole mikään markkinaihminen. Siinä se isoin syy varmasti on. Jossain vaiheessa, jos joku alkaa epäillä mun sanoja, menen sekaisin ja alan kuitenkin sönköttää jotain käsittämätöntä ja toistamaan itseäni.

Mutta onneksi on olemassa myös niitä jotka saa tänne tyyppejä joten meidän tehtäväksi jää siis täällä mielenkiintoisen materiaalin tuottaminen.

Ja tuo kuollut lintu muuten, sehän on selkeästi Twitter tipu.

Erikoisinta tässä on, että omassa tuttavapiirissäni on IT-ammattilaisia, jotka kirjoittelevat Facebookisssa ja muualla ihan laadukasta sisältöä, joka varmaan saisi ääniä täälläkin. Heillä olisi kaikki valmiudet saada ihan kelvollisia palkkioita varsinkin, kun minä olen kädestä pitelemässä ja tukemassa. Luulen, että heidän kohdallaan kyse on yhdistelmästä 1) uusien asioiden vierastamista, 2) tuttavaverkoston olemista perinteisillä alustoilla ja 3) ja jotain atavistista ja irrationaalista ja 4) ihan silkkaa laiskuutta.

Viimeksi mainostin Facebookissa Steemiä joillekin valokuvaajille. Kuvapankit ovat säälittävä tapa ansaita valokuvilla Steemiin verrattuna. Silti ei positiivista vastakaikua. Oma lukunsa ovat kryptoskenessä olevat Bitcoin-maksimalistit, jotka vaikuttavat olevan melkein yhtä pihalla kuin kuka tahansa kadulla vastaantulija. Yksi tuttuni sanoi toissa vappuna, että uskoo koko kryptoskenen tulevan "vallanpitäjien lopettamaksi". Yksi toinenkin on sanonut jotain tuollaista. Tuota näkemystä vastaan puhuu, että maailmassa on noin 200 itsenäistä valtiota eivätkä edes Kiina tai Intia ole onnistuneet juuri jarruttamaan kryptoskeneä vihamielisestä politiikastaan riippumatta. Teknologian voittokulkua ei pysäytä mikään. Vastaan tappeleminen vain voimistaa kryptoja ja tekee niistä antifraagiilimpia. Vapaata lähdekoodia vastaan tappeleminen on ihan turhaa. Se vain mutatoituu ja adaptoituu nopeammin kuin mitkään keskitetyt tahot pystyvät säätelemään sitä. Esim. jos keskitetyt vaihtopörssit kuristetaan, hajautetut ottavat niiden paikan

Tämä tarkoittaa vain, että valtavirran käännyttäminen on hidas prosessi. Ammattimaisella markkinoinnilla se on varmasti tehtävissä-


Se voi olla että joku päivä joku tulee sille hehkuttamaan sitä että kannattais liittyä steem nimiseen paikkaan kun siellä on niiiiin hienoa ja ja ja ja... ja sä siihen että joo, se on sama paikka mistä olen sulle jo kertonut. :D

Ihan varmaan käykin niin, että jokin Steem-sovellus saa laajempaa suosiota. Silloin naurattaa, kuten nauratti silloinkin, kun se viimekesäinen keskitetty vakaakolikkoanti, joka kiersi sähköpostimeeminä ja oli täälläkin suosiossa, putkahti yhtäkkiä muutamaa kuukautta myöhemmin Facebookissa esille tuttujen jakamana ja hehkuttamana.

Jotkut sanoivat sitä huijaukseksi. Niin se varmaan olikin ja ideana oli varmaan kerätä valtava sähköpostiosoitetietokanta keskimääräistä herkkäuskoisemmilta ihmisiltä. Puolustin siihen liittymistä argumentilla, että jos siihen liittyy skeptikko, se alentaa listan arvoa laimentamalla listalaisten keskimääräistä herkkäuskoisuusastetta. :)

Puolustin siihen liittymistä argumentilla, että jos siihen liittyy skeptikko, se alentaa listan arvoa laimentamalla listalaisten keskimääräistä herkkäuskoisuusastetta. :)


Most of the ten people I got them to sign up have already left the platform!!
This is a tough place for some people!

Have any idea why? How did you get them to sign up?

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I don't know what it is, but your Dead Bird got me to click, and then click again! I have a feeling this will be popular! Nice! I like the bit about Twitter and centralization. I know first hand about getting blocked partially on Palnet, and I think they are just doing an experiment for the people that love to be coddled and protected in little bubbles! Like a safe zone for steem. Sometimes centralization can be good, but for the majority of us bloggers that like to "Go Over The Top" with our "Sick Humor", not so much! Over there you will be safe from me! Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad? I dunno yet?? You have seen this right:
This one is about ME!(below)

and this!

All The New Rules! Wow

Seems like PAL may be run by a Dictator!

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