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Hi @justinsunsteemit first of all I want to say that I feel sorry about how this whole situation played out for you and the Steem Community. I think a lot of relevant information was not shared while you where making the Steem purchase deal with @ned.
Anyways, I would like to suggest if you are thinking of selling your Steem Stake, that you might be thinking of a public auction to private investors. You should get in touch with the old Steem Dev Team and release with them together the SMT project. This will help to promote your Steem auction selling something like this " Invest in the new Course of Steem - more decentralized and powered by SMT protocoll". I think in this way you and the Steem Community would achieve a real win/win situation.
You would finally help to promote Steem and your Stake, and the Steem Community gets more private investors (thru auction selling) who believe in the new course of Steem. And of course the overall Steem Stake would get more decentralized.
What do you think of this idea?
I wish you good luck on your path!