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RE: OK..that's it....I'M CALLING OUT this "@bloom" character who NEVER POSTS, just downvotes. Enough is enough!!!

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#bloom's M.O. is unique though. Not saying he/she/it doesn't work for the same agency, or something, but I don't think it's another berniebot.


I received hundreds of notifications yesterday because hit bots delete their comments when you flag them. Have any tech info on what happens when you do this? I read somewhere that comments can not be deleted when they receive an upvote. I wonder if it is the same for flags. I also would see if it is just hidden but not deleted.

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I don't know anything much about programming, or this site's specific structure. I DO KNOW THAT MYSELF AND OTHERS have even had our upvotes ILLEGALLY (because it's pure theft in anyone's book) turned into downvotes, in addition to all this more standard programmed B.S.

.....the philosphical dilemma I pointed out (which no one listened to, but is coming home to roost).

The rewards pool belongs to no one - ergo - you can't have theft without the property rights principal applying....and if it's no ones property?

....Which then raises the same question from the opposite side of the coin - if it belongs to no one, then what right does anyone have to use it..(vote etc)?

It's an oligarchical structure where ethical codes mean nothing, and might is right...('code is law')

I'm tired of this place.

Yea...unless they clean up the purely ideological and programmed downvoting, and put some type of logical limitations in place, there isn't much of a positive future here for anyone but the abusers.

it'''s....almost as if it's been designed that way...

Nah...pure dumb, evolutionary luck, I'm sure.

I dont know enough of the story but find it odd that Larimer moved to eos.

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