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RE: Steem has Achieved the First B+ Grade on Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating

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The market's reaction is somehow shitty... hopefully they wake up soon... Someone has a link to the complete currency list?


This only shows one thing: that the whole crypto currency business is still dependent on Bitcoin. We're just entering the early stages though, hopefully things will change for the better soon.

Yeah I hope that BTC looses the leader position soon to Ethereum, than to Steem...

I don't like Ethereum either. The only reason Ether's price is somehow stable than BTC is because of the ERC20 token and being one of the main trading pairs. This creates the illusion of value, not to mention the ridiculous Gas fee.

I prefer no leader in this space and let the best tech wins from time to time!

Ridiculous gas fee? It's around 1 gwei atm, should cost you couple cents.

The last time I bought 1 Etherum cost me around 30 cents.

Yes, it was clogged few weeks ago.

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Maybe it's just a couple cents for you but when you convert that couple cents into our local currency, you will begin to notice the significant difference when you compare the Ethereum's ancient tech to today's next-generation and fee-less protocol.

But let us forget about that for a moment. I had a very bad experience with the Ethereum network during the first time I interacted with the EOS smart contract.

Long story short, I lost not only a couple cents but a few bucks already because every time I send an insufficient Gas amount, my transaction will not be processed and there was no refund whatsoever!

I mean, really? It's that easy to grab my money? I was shaking my ass when I heard the news that Kik's CEO has revealed their decision to ditch Ethereum being the dial-up era of blockchain.

Yes, when you use faster cryptos like steem other seem outdated :D

cant see that happening anytime soon. nice thought though

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Yeah, if bitcoin actually gets unseated as the standard, it's going to be a painful process for everyone.

It's going to be a bitter pill to swallow but a necessary event for the whole crypto market to evolve and gets matured. I believe it is only a phenomenon that every one involved has to deal with for us to move forward. It's part of crypto evolution. I don't like the idea of having one currency to dominate the entire market.

Yes .i think bitcoin is still king.and always be king.this is my thinking and can be wrong.

Yep I agree bitcoin will always be king. Most of the time you have to exchange bitcoin to buy the alt coins.

yes i understand , that also mean bitcoin is mother currency,without bitcoin alt is nothing,

I appreciate the part when you say most of the time. It means not all the time!

We have the attention, we have the adoption, we're ahead of the curve!

small pond, big fish makes big waves.

plus news is manipulated beyond comprehension and there are big players striving to crush the market down while they load up.

I follow you ...I hope you also follow me...thank you

The entire crypto is in the shitter right now. It will take time for the dust to settle. Just because STEEM received the highest rating of all cryptos, it's still crypto, and the crypto world is still dependent on BTC.

I know that right now everything is been hammered... but as well I think it takes a few days until this news reaches the majority of investors.

Either Bitcoin is going to recover, or it'll die. Either way, new trading pairs are being added to exchanges, and bitcoin is not going to continue to dictate the market like this.

I think it will not recover this time if it looses the number one spot... The tech of its competitors is much more advanced...

However I feel that Steem is slowly setting itself apart. If Steem followed the same trajectory as Bitcoin's dive it would be worth less than one dollar today. I believe the fact that we're still able to produce this kind of cashflow in such shitty conditions proves the stability that the Steem network is experiencing. Just hold on @schattenjaeger. I believe that there are coming times when Steem will rise while BTC tumbles

Your word in gods ear! We are seeing this effect right now since December...

Agreed. Mexbit, do you think the price of Steem will soon diverge from the price of BTC and the greater cryptocurrency cap? It seems to me that Steem is more than just a crypto, it comes with a community and an amazing website and Dtube and so much more. I feel the value of Steemit and Steem will soon take on a power of their own, and not trade directly along with BTC. : )

In the shitter = Buy Buy Buy! 😉

Sounds like McAfee! Lol

He's still sticking to his bet

I bought some yesterday, is going up now!!!

You think McAfee is gonna eat his ancient piece of dick?

That's the spirit ;) Buy and hodl!

the Whale thing is an issue all over crypto. Right now prices are beimg driven down to a point where the institutional investors are comfy buying in then they will pump the market to their next take profit point. because you know once a real upward reversal hits the FOMO is going to be nuts and we will be reaching new highs.

Hopefully they pump this to 500 USD when they are done... Everybody should sell BTC for Steem and not USD... But the majority of investors today still does not know about Steem and is potential... There are so many cryptos that they get stuck at learning the top ten...

If it went to 500 it would be just about the best thing that ever happened to me!

For sure. That's the beauty of holding. Better yet, the beauty of continuing to invest whenever there's a drop.

The market reaction was positive, 11 days ago, when the information was released.

Steem Jumps on News of Weiss Rating

I think bitcoin is still king .and always be a king.its my thinking and its can be wrong .