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RE: Steem Has 1 Million Accounts! Here's Why 100 Million Isn't Far Away!

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It's not easy especially registering and approving accounts . Kudos also to @promo-steem Ambassadors and projects.
It's your blockchain entertainer @michaelcj from @steemcamp project


Account creation has been one of the biggest blockages - at least now they advertise that accounts can be purchased on the signup screen. I think the next hard fork is intended to address these issues. We shall see.

Will the Hardfork be the same time with SMT? Or coming soon asap

I don't know for sure, but I think SMTs will be some time afterwards.

OK thanks for your reply

I believe yes they will release things at same time like first they need appbase to do communities but ui believe they need HF20 to do communities and we know they need HF20 to do SMTs

and SMT and HF20 was leaked to be released 3rd Quarter 2018

but now I see they should just do it all at once!

But first they will just do HF20 and you will se HF20 with appbase released to give foundationt o release hivem,idn and c0ommunities

I don't see how they're gonan do communities without HF20! They need Hardfork 20 to get communities working! Haha

and tHGEN SMTs later!
So first HF20 and appbase then communities AFTER That so HF20 will satisfy us and then Communities and now SMTs in fall!

Wow. Well explained. Thanks for dropping by