Does Steemit Model really Support Equality? Steem Power Needs to be Revamped

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One of the large problems that I see with the Steemit business model is the Steem Power design. While I completely understand the founders original intent, like all business models they need to modify as to what works and what does not.

The current design of Steem Power is greatly flawed. First, the ability for any person to downvote any article needs to be removed. Can you imagine in a free and open election that a person can vote for one person, then turn around and downvote the opposition? Not only downvote the opposition, but to do that 32 times?  Steemit advertises that it's platform is a free market, free speech zone. As a recent new user, this is far from reality.

I have over 50,000 followers in my social media and I was asked to join Steemit by friends who hold the currency. I told them to sell it when it was over $2.09 because I was not liking what I was seeing people do in Steemit to each other.  It was like America Online (AOL) back in 1996. It was the wild west. We all know how AOL eventually failed and sold out for pennies on the dollar. Or, many users in Steemit may not know this as they were not born yet, so they are repeating the same type of bad business practices and history.

Two days ago, I decided to test this myself with an article of what i was seeing and the problems. The whales gangs came out as if I was wearing a rolex in a high crime area loaded with gangs on the streets. WOW! The whales took the bait and were hooked where they came to kill....more like killer whales...

I wrote about this over the last few days, and was grossly attacked, stalked, threatened and my Steemit page crushed. The people who did this find it funny. Frankly, their action has merely re-enforced all my concerns about just where Steemit and the value of Steem is really heading from here.

What I am seeking is the Steemit gangs teaming up where they vote for each other back and fourth which is not disclosed on the web site about this. Thus, it misleads the public where people earning $500 for an article, are not receiving 500 votes at all. Yes, people are making money being paid in Steem.  The wild card is just how many people are really earning real money in Steemit, as compared to buying Steem with Bitcoins, then voting for yourself and other Whales and they vote for you. Thus some of this activity is like an old fashioned chain letter, in a sense. In this case, the Whales cross vote or feed each other and they are rewarded to become more powerful where the normal author must do as they are now dictated to or they will be attacked and called rude names. In America, as call such acts fascism.  Again, not by  everyone in Steemit, but the founders appear to have meant well, but they have lost control to people who are actually ruining what they have created to the point where if not changed, it will eventually fail.

Also, people with Steem Power have the ability to downvote an article at ratios as high as 100 to one. I am finding it very common where if 20 people upvote an article they like, a person with Steem Power can down vote once and wipe out all 20 other upvotes. Hardly democratic and certainly is not supporting "Equality" where one person - one vote counts. They Steem Power model allows people to purchase Steem Power using Bitcoins. The more you purchase, the bigger "King"  with more power over others you have. In result, the current model of Steem Power has created mini dictators who have teamed up in mini gangs to control people and content in a bad way. If a Steem Power "King", or "Whale" as they are called does not like a person, or an article, he can knock the article completely off the board. Hardly allowing Free Speech.  

So there are many topics, such a politics for example where there is zero free speech. If you do not support Bernie Sanders, then many Whales will come crush you. So again, there is forced sensorship and not true free speech about any topic. Authors are leaving. you can can see this in the frequency and quality of the content.

Nobody should be allowed to downvote anything. Downvoting has created and growing, cyber gangs. If Steemit wants a web site controlled by growing numbers of  anarchists who play dictator in cyberworld, then they have achieved it. However, I really do not believe this was their intent at all.

I have studied world history for 30 years as a Gulf War veteran myself.  This Steem Power feature is no different than writing an article in Communist North Korea. There are the Government police, in this case these Whales, who will take you out, personally attack you, ruin your Steamit page, plunge your ratings, stalk and harass you at  drop of a dime if they do not agree with you. It is the same as the Berkeley nuts thinking that it is their right to end free speech of other if they do not like or agree with what the other person says at a lecture. Si they feel they have the right to beat people up, burn cars and smash in glass windows at businesses.

There are many people in Steemit who outright promote that they are pro-communist and Steemit is a world Marxist Movement. Others post how the platform is controlled by "anarchists".  Well, anarchists have no respect for free speech. frankly they have no respect for much or anyone who does not support their cause. This has limited fresh quality content in Steemit.

There are only so many Bitcoin articles a day people want to read. Art, travel and cooking seems to be doing well because these topics do not "offend" the anarchists. However, if a user writes about anything else or writes about what is wrong with the Bitcoin or even Steemit models, that have been attacked over, and over and over again. Last night, I had one whale guys stalking me calling me a "cunt" where if he used his real name, he would have faced criminal charges for cyber stalking. He had lost his mind.

Which brings me to another point. If Steemit really wanted to grow for the long term, it would change its model and force people to register using their real names. Posting investment and cyber coin hype all over the web site under screen names hurts Steemit. I saw this this mistake so many times in the 1990's, where most people in here were not even born yet. Those screen name web sites for content are no longer around today.

Another large problem is that there needs to be abuse and block features like in Facebook. If not, then these anarchists Steem Power gangs who are doing nothing but hyping cyber currencies run off the vast majority of quality authors who do not have the time for such childish attacks. Some, not all, but some of these people have made it clear that they will harass an author until he or she leaves. So as it stands right now, according to the notes sent to me last night, Steemit is a cyber platform controlled by anarchists and nobody else is really welcome. Anarchists are not civil people and without a block and report feature, Steemit has a very high risk of another company establishing a like model as Steemit, but with higher quality control tools so that they can have higher growth in quality authors and content.

One more observation is that every cyber currency pretty much makes people buy Bitcoin then give them your Bitcoin for their currency. This too is a concern. If currencies like Steem are going to stand on their own, then they should be purchased with Bitcoin or with the US.  Dollar. In result, there are hundreds of cyber currencies that are propping up Bitcoin. This the recent Bitcoin rally is not artificial to the point where Bitcoin could have a serious crash in the near term. companies like Steemit would be smart to allow investors to also use cash to purchase their currency before this mess happens.

The Steemit founders need to reconsider these powers. If not, it is clear that Steemit has a very high risk of failing with it's currency crashing to 10 cents.

Steemit is making the same 1990's mistakes all over again. In 1998, there were 32 Search Engines. everyone on Wall Street said enough already. Then came this little company called Google in late 1998. History speaks for itself. Steemit is not yet or close to being a Google, but could be. However, without these changes above, it is all a matter of time before Steemit gets crushed by new rivals.

If there is any doubt of about who I  am and my extensive experience in executive management, by Linkined page is below with details of everything I have accomplished over the past 30 years.  Be sure to pull down the arrows on the page to view the details of each project, company, honors and awards.  So, I know something about IT and business models.

Clearly the cyber currencies that have soared are over extended and are in correction mode already and I would not be shocked to see them fall much further into this summer. If you enjoyed this post please Upvote, Resteem and Follow me @michaelpinson for more articles.   
Michael Pinson has 30 years business experience in business as a CEO to include 20 years in engineering and software design, business models, and have been a financial analyst who has been featured on CNBC over 100 times, Barrons over 150 times, and even quoted in Business Week. His  past company was featured in the Top  50 Fastest Growing Companies in Tampa Bay for several years.

@dan  @dantheman @ned  @ramta   @adamm   


One more observation is that every cyber currency pretty much makes people buy Bitcoin then give them your Bitcoin for their currency. This too is a concern. If currencies like Steem are going to stand on their own, then they should be purchased with Bitcoin or with the US. Dollar. In result, there are hundreds of cyber currencies that are propping up Bitcoin. This the recent Bitcoin rally is not artificial to the point where Bitcoin could have a serious crash in the near term. companies like Steemit would be smart to allow investors to also use cash to purchase their currency before this mess happens.

More musings from a cunt.

You give investment advice on cryptocurrency? You're not a joke of a cunt. (sarcasmaballs)

The Steemit founders need to reconsider these powers. If not, it is clear that Steemit has a very high risk of failing with it's currency crashing to 10 cents.

We were at ten cents, and lower asshole, and it was good days, people were still massively addapting it by any standards, and people will do it even if by some miracle all the whales leave, all the steem gets sold, and the price hovers at not even a cent of a cent, because free speech, no ADMINS, and no ads, while those things wouldn't lose their value ever, and continue to drive the seem price even higher, you free speech hater who wants to ban people and talks about free speech.

MAN UP and give me your real name and city and state so I can quote you in my research article....or will you just stalk and harass people whom you disagree with and call them names? If not...move on from your @abuse of calling new users "cunts" and trying to bully them....

I don't stalk you, in fact you keep responding to me and and your silly attempt at phishing my information is another in the list of reasons why I called you a cunt. Telling me to move on is as cuntish as you get, you don't get to boss anyone around ok boss, nobody bullied you, you instead were spamming as everyone can see from going to your comments, you copy paste the same responses in multiple places, over and over again, spamming into different threads that have nothing to do with you, that's abusive cunt, lying and spreading fear is abusive cunt, you don't get to dictate anything about me cunt.

I wish to be a coward and hide behind a screen name veerus who you really are and what city you are in so the police cannot contact are such a big brave man.... step up big man or move on with your tail between your legs.....step up and watch the law enforcement contact you and add you as a cyber bully and stalker in their computer database....but want to are such a big brave man with your posts in Steemit calling people names....move on , get a life...


Steemit Team...please review this massive ongoing harassment and treats from this guy....many of your new users are running into the exact type of thing from several people like the above...if your site it going to grow, then there must be a tool to block cyber stalkers like this who is breaking the law and to remove this down voting power where his vote can wipe out 20 upvotes....or you will not have much growth in quality authors remained in steamit...

@dan @dantheman @ned @ramta @adamm @abuse

I threaten you, you cunt!? I never threatened you you cunt! You in fact threatened me, you said that you'd love for me to speak with your "law officer" friends, you threatened others with petty threats of ganging up on them.

I didn't break the "law" you cunt, you keep lying and attacking my character SOLELY because I decided to insult you for your behavior, not because what I said about you spamming, lying and resorting to petty threats and fear mongering articles backed up by nothing but "your 30 years experience", you cunt, you Lied, you sought to gang up on people, those were your words cunt, then you resorted to petty threats saying that you'd tell people that I said So and SO, you cunt.

That's your post, it is about as "good" as shit comes, it's simply fear mongering without even understanding what steem is you cunt idiot.

you then did this:

You threatened that you wouldn't leave the person alone and will spam and you threatened you will harass until you get what you want.

Then you did this:

you called people names, you spammed this message and others on everyone because that's what decent people do, you have cried like a bitch because you want to control what people can and cant do and you have no idea how the platform work, or a community first of all to think that ANYONE would respond positively to your bullshit rally to bully others.

You are a creep, a sociopath, control freak, and the proof is in your threats, your petty threats and your implied threats of hiding behind your pathetic friends who fail to recognize or keep up the game that you're not a total cunt. Then again cunts like other cunts.

@ned can suck my balls, and everyone in the community knows that, if not NEWS FLASH, I will actually resteem this so NED can see it. We don't have ADMINS you moron, and regardless of who tries to flag me or "bully", or "hurts my feelings" me, I won't cry "not free speech" because I'm not a cunt.

I am a new user, didn't know it works this way, that is discouraging, I hope persons responsible to change these things see it and do something about it.

It doesn't work that way. You can ask people and they will give you the same answers. He is lying and spamming this everywhere, when he has already been advised how to approach the situation, which he agreed was good advise, and has continued in spite of good advice.

Nobody is flagging his account or "attacking him", he has screamed "doomsday" and people flagged that and similar material, he threatened and threw a bitch fit when the flags weren't removed, and after failing to get people to gang up because he was still flagged, spamming numerous threads with the same comments copy pasted, just like here (go to his comments tab you will see comments in row under different topics and sometimes just blatantly in the same topic like here, spammed, thinking that it's not insulting as fuck to copy paste your crap all over the platform, because that's what we want, is a bunch of cunts running around tag spamming people) keeps crying about flags as bullying when bullying is exactly harassment which is exactly what his call to harass the person that flagged his rightfully flaggable crap of "SELL EVERYTHING STEEM IS CRASH AND BURNING", and do that until the flags are removed, he's a bully by his actions, he is a spoiled rotten child throwing a tantrum, he has a need to hide behind his law buddies and will tell you how much experience he has, all in effort of mystifying your with bullshit on subjects such as steem, where he has little to if any understanding (considering he's trying to rally people to bully others, while very unamerican, it's almost globally unacceptable, so has he any understanding of how people actually people?)

This person over here is giving people advice financially, and then displays an complete lack of understanding of what he's giving people advice on meanwhile he's over here as he is telling new users that steem really works like this, and in case I didn't prove it already I bet him my account above:

still awaiting evidence this was an experiment of his or simply his FUD that got flagged and he cried as if he was actually harmed, by the downvotes.

Someone that gives advice and he doesn't understand the basic principles of anarchism which the anarchist founder laid down, all the way to the fact that this is OPEN SOURCE, but especially in the sense that everyone gets a say, and no admins, when he is suggesting that we remove downvote, despite being told that this will lead to abusive upvoting that cannot be countered, as is evident by game theory, it's a guarantee maximum return for most.

This person is a cunt, completely, drag of humanity, simply based on the lies, bullshit and crap that he has spewed in his hate frothing ovation, and no matter the years of experience or the numerous HUNDREDS of times he's appeared in the media, in spite of all that this person is a cunt crying "no more downvotes because downvotes hurt" "please bully this person for me" and "I can threaten you with my law friends for insulting me". In all sense the only reason someone needs to express their experience is when asked, but he needs to express it so you don't have to question his arguments, or his story, or his bullshit.

If you want to read more about steem I think a good place to start is the FAQ, or the quick start guide.

On a side note-If you must beg people for follow and follow, or vote for vote, I suggest you consider how the community might see that as lame, and maybe even awful, as you can view from the topics that are about this around every corner, and you might not find that kind of spirit in the community of collusion and purely for profit, which will not result in a "expected pleasant experience".

It does work this way....just read how this "baah" guy is stalking and harassing people....he is not the only person in Steeamit that is 100% NUTS.....yes, he has proven my point well. You can also google this topic and there are other people who have stalked like this.....if this Baah guy would just move on with his life?....gezzzz....his massive name calling and @abuse all prove how correct my article is....look at his massive spam and hate on my page....yes, as a new user i asked others in the related topic groups how to stop this people like this in Steamit and to to stop this guy after his massive attacks, threats , name calling and harassment. .......I wish the Steamit Team would wake up at the @abuse page and suspend people like this from the heads up using Steamit....

So far, there are small gangs of these Whales and they knock these articles off the board so keep people from being educated what is right versus wrong in the community is getting bad....if you stick with just art and travel and say nothing else, and not speak of anything else, they will leave you alone. However, these limited quality articles in say 6-7 topics would cause the site to fail, which is my point. The founders need to change their model a little here., thanks for reading

I followed and voted for the same and this is how everyone is trying to survive from the bullies....thanks

you got it.

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