Steemit Currency Still in Major Sell off, Down 39% Since my Original Update

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

Since writing about why the Steem currency was over valued at $2.09 and the many flaws in the Steemit business model, Steem has declined from $2.09 to $1.27. Until the Steemit founders revise their business model as I have noted in my previous articles, then the risk in Steem currency remains very high for the near term.

It is funny how there are these so called "STEEM WHALES" who do everything to stop free speech, cyber stalk and harass people who are not bullish to hype the currency. This to is a bad sign just how much the founders need to revise their model.

These "people" whacked my page over and over and crushed by Reputation rating from 55 to 5. This is no more than Cyber Fascism if they do not approve of what you write. Again, another reason why the Steemit model is grossly flawed.


STEEM continues to crash....I expect it fall under $1.00 soon...and fall hard...heads up....#Steem #Bitcoin

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