It Steemit a Socialist Utopia with Restricted Speech as Some May Claim?

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As a new user, I find it interesting how there is a minority number of people who believe they have the right to tear the Steamit community down anytime they wish. If they disagree with a person, I keep reading who they go crazy, attack, stalk, name call, threaten, and smash the authors page with Steem Power.

Little do they realize that world history has shown this is the common type of reaction from socialists, fascists or communists. In face, I have come across many articles claiming that Steemit is a Marxist community who hates anyone who does not support their model.

However, according to the founders, Steemit was designed opposite of these claims. The Steemit founders promote it as a community for all ideas, as a "capitalist" community being paid for their content. However, quality control has been lost for  the short term as there are small bands of bullies who frankly have mental issues. So true freedom of ideas and freedom of speech has been pushed out by the minority.

Until the founders add Block and Report features, then Steemit will remain an active blog site where the people who cross vote for each other will remain under Steemit, Steem, Bitcoin, Art, Travel, and Cooking. all safe topics as to not to upset the bullies unless you become bearish on Cyber currency. After all, most of this money made up from thin air has appreciated about 4,000% this year. Why would it every fall after a rally like that? The bullies certainly are on guard from any free speech about that topic on Steemit.

The massive abuse and stalking from these people is only causing more bad press for  Steemit,  and ewer quality authors signing up or remaining in this community. The Steem Power of having a person purchase say $5,000 of Steem Power, where they can play dictator where their vote counts 20 times more than the other user will also eventually fail. It is a bad business model. Steemit needs one vot - one person. No down votes.....people can not vote, or upvote. That is the American way. If not, then maybe Steamit is a Marxist Utopia as their users claim?  Food for  thought. The majority of the users should overcome the nut cases and make this community a capitalist and free speech zone without the hate, stalkers, and nut cases as the founders are promoting it be. 

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You are incredibly ignorant about what Steem and Steemit are. I would suggest doing a little more research before joining a site like this and spewing absolute nonsense, then whining when people downvote your lunacy.

My fear is that Steemit is becoming a haven for fake news and horrible facts. Because there is no report function, an entire audience can flock to a particularly appealing bit of fake news, superstition, or otherwise horrible piece of information. This drivel then gets propped up by its own echo-chamber audience.

Combine that with all the digital libertarians and crypto-anarchists on Steemit, and you've got a recipe for a lot of terrible information getting a lot of traction.

This is a valid concern. Steemit allows everyone to have fake screen names as compared to people using normal real names. At least the vast majority would.One of many flaws I hope the founders realize is that Steemit should shift to real people, real photos, real Linkedin pages....if not, then this is nothing more that a web site hyping Bitcoin and Steem.....I have 30 years experience and the current Steemit Model will fail if not modified. Also, for the short term at least, the value of Steem is grossly overvalued for this web site of bloggers all posting under fake names....about 5% of the cyber currency and 80% of the art, travel and cooking have quality...everything else being posted is crap....Do you REALLY believe that Steemit web site with its currency is worth a WHOPPING $419 Million? No way in hell. With quality of the authors plunging and the cyber bullies running out of control, then the value of Steem is a extreme risk of falling, not rising....someone is going to come along and clone the Steemit model, make it better and win if the Steemit Founders do not wake up.

LOLOLOL, you're a cunt though, you threathened me and others, you claim you're a new user and give investment advice on your 30 year experience, in lack of any understanding of the system and obvious confusions and misunderstandings, you have bitched about the foreseen by and prophecized by you(claims) consequences of a test you ran, and said that because of your test you are forced to stalk, spam, and rally people to bully others and downvote everything that a user ever wrote. *your exact words, everything that he ever wrote.

Steem and Steemit Inc are two different things. You are a cunt, that is also true.


BTW, follow me and vote for my posts that you see so we can support each other because this is the only way to slow down the cyber bullies...thanks

LOL because begging strangers to follow and curate your posts is the only way people support each other, or WE, you and those alike, since the rest of the people don't want to curate your crap based on the fact it's crap, and you need to beg people to upvote your crap, instead of not creating crap. I will continue to flag your crap, respond to all your crap, and call you a cunt because I chose to curate and comment.

Steem currency has fallen 39% since my post...

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