Pigs can fly.

Once the user base becomes too small - price will be 0.0001 $

The daily userbase is growing. This year we went from 40k to 50k daily active users.

sry but this is not true. The userbase of steemit for example is declining steadily and today we hit another low of 3400 Users

the whole network saw 13k users today. World wide ... Once just steemit was a global top 2000 Website.

Powerdown and migrating to another platform is not equal to sell at a low! Its rational.

And consider the amount of bots and multiple accounts, so the real number of unique users is way under 3400.

  • oh and I forgot a powerdown is a clear NO to abusive assholes with abusive selfvote. Society needs you...

I'll advise you to be rational then ;-) asap.

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I don't know, archange's stats are showing a downward trend, Alexa as well

it just needs to be cleaned. Like the EU needs to be cleaned. Its a mirror of society. Lies and lies to save the establishment which puts money in their pockets without creating value.