Has Justin Sun given up on Steemit already? - attempt to repost.

in #steemlast year

Steemit seems to be down a lot at the moment. And it's not just the website. The steemit API goes down so other front-ends also fall over.

When the site is up there seems to be issues with voting; votes I make appear then disappear. And now posts are disappearing!

And no communication. No roadmap. No fighting talk of how Steem will be pushing forwards using all the benefits of the Tron developers.

This is disappointing.

I was hoping Steem and Hive would compete. Potentially going in different directions but each bringing new elements that push the overall graphene infrastructure forwards.

You would think that now the split has occurred, this would be the moment for Justin to recommit to implementing his vision for Steem. I see little evidence that this is going to happen so far.


I am disappointed too. After all that fight to take over Steem I was hoping Justin will be more involved now when he have full control over the blockchain.