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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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Hi @steemitblog

I want to say that I am impressed with the success of the diary game ideas. The game gained great popularity and attracted an extensive mass of new participants, as well as returned many platform veterans. However, I noticed that not everyone is ready to write long texts and take selfies. Someone is shy, someone does not possess the skill of transmitting their thoughts through text. For example, I invited @nklm. But unfortunately I see that he is not ready to publicly talk about himself. It,s strange, I know his magnificent texts on the Russian platform
I would like to propose you the idea of ​​an even simpler idea how to attract a large number of participants. This game is called "Photo of the Day"
I will explain briefly the essence of the idea. It is not new, but it makes sense to use it.
Any participant posts in the anchor post any any number of new photos just taken on any topic, any camera or smartphone.
At the end of the day, as a result of a plebiscite, the winner is determined who receives your 100% upvote.
Believe me, the hype will be huge!
Interesting advertising slogans for other networks are possible:

"$ 100 for one photo!"
"Every day $ 100"

I could take up the organization.


Hi @mister-omortson

Your idea is great but requires all images to be checked

Какая замечательная реакция среди голосующих , особено тех у кого вообще нет блогов ))))))

Any initiative that enhances photography is fine. good idea...

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