PRIDE (Retold)

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I was out on a morning jugging and my sight caught the inscription on a little girls shirt. And right that very moment, the inscription written on the shirt got my head pondering over it. Looking at the word as short and straight to the point as it is, it sure means something.

What does Pride entails?

According to various dictionary definition, the word Proud/Pride means. But, my own meaning goes like this

"Having a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction that's derived from one's own achievements either through hard-work or something else. It also means having a high opinion of oneself."*

We all know that pride those goes with a heavy fall, and getting up, is by God's special grace. Beacsue, he detest the proud, but he uplift the humble.

Remember, Matthew. 5:5,it quotes,

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.

There's a meaning to this. Think deeply and you will fathom it

Now, based on what it's written in the scripture. It entails that never stop believing or working for what is right, but never allow pride creep in, for when it does, it will hinder your dreams from been a reality.


It takes work for many to see themselves as important enough to be taken seriously and that stigma has a way of making even the most hardworking being, give up on himself.

Do take pride in what you do, but don't be overwhelmed by it and above all do not wait for your assignments to be accomplished before you take pride in it.

The world will celebrate he who comes out bearing those who comes out champions in there own little way. For Champions are built based on Challenges they were able to overcome

To be proud of yourself and it's accomplishment is far different from being arrogant. They are on a different track!! Train your mind to be, a boss of it's own, such that it leaves you with. You are just so sure that, you will never stop working to become better at what you do.

People from different walks of life are out there doing what every Tom and Jerry is doing and only those who knows there self and there worth will come out at the end with a win.

Be proud in what ever your hands findeth doing, for you were created in the Image of God. And cause of that, Failure isn't an option and same goes with pride. Believe in your self and what you can accomplish and it will be a reality.