frozen wallets are not exactly "decentralized"

Neither is Tron. Go there. I'm sure your obsequity and pandering will be welcome.

of course it isn't
Fail by design?

The point I'm making, which you intentionally fail to grasp, is that the founder's stake isn't just stake. The reasons it is different are the reasons it was prevented from exercising governance, and why preventing that stake from exercising governance is exactly decentralization, contrary to your deceptive assertion.

Sycophantic coprophagists like you belong on Tron. Pander to Sun there.

the only point is "who owns the key of that wallet". If this is just a question of definition and decision of witnesses and supposed to be state of the art - yeah, maybe I belong somewhere else (have no idea if exactly "tron" guarantees access to the owner of the keys ONLY).
If not this is just a fail by design.

If nothing more than possession matters, then society is irrelevant and the policy of lions and wildebeests is law.

The breathtaking ignorance of centuries of tradition and established case law you propose is contrary to any civilization above the law of brute force, and has no place in civilized society. Liens and obligations have been acknowledged to place limits on stake since the invention of money.

Ignoring this doesn't make it go away.

@mmmmkkkk311 is attempting to use his flags to intimidate Steemians into abandoning their support for @steembasicincome.

He baselessly claims it is a "ponzi scheme" which just shows that either he doesn't understand how it works or (more likely) he just doesn't understand what a ponzi scheme even is! And the blatant hypocrisy in him trying to fight "vote selling" when that is exactly what he did with his bidbot! As as bidbot owner with over a dozen alt accounts he is in no place to judge what is right or wrong here on Steem. Now he is mad that his scam has ended. So like an upset child, he has decided to take out his anger (caused only by his own failures) on other innocent people. Making him nothing more than a big bully!

MK admits to running a bidbot

Actual account who was "wrecked by @mmmmkkkk311 (for holding sbi shares)"


I am here to counter @mmmmkkkk311's bullying. I will upvote every post/comment that he downvotes. You can support my anti bullying upvotes by delegating (links below) Steem Power to @ilovemk311. And you can help keep this message visible by upvoting this comment or by purchasing SBI shares for @mk311isabully which will help to counter the downvotes that @mmmmkkkk311 will surely send my way. Which I highly encourage him to do as the more downvoting power he wastes on me the less he can use to downvote the real content creators here on Steem that would otherwise become his victims!

Choose a delegation amount

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I ask YOU my fellow Steemians to help me take a stand for our Steem community.

With this jerk bullying innocent people we are seeing many great content creators leave due to the drama and negativity that @mmmmkkkk311's downvote campaign brings to the blockchain. While he claims he is trying to defend his investment he is actually unwittingly destroying it.

SBI is an initiative that has done nothing but help promote onboarding and community building here on the Steem blockchain. Let us not turn our back on it out of fear for getting downvoted. Instead lets stand up for this great initiative that has helped so many people and helped the Steem community to grow and thrive!

Thank you.