Having a perfect day + contest(beer with sarcastic stickers)

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Just like The Offspring song i am gonna enjoy my day and open a few beers, the day started with me driving into the city to see @coindevil and while i was there i bought myself 2 cases of Bud, as soon as i got home i banged the bottles in the freezer as who wants to wait.

While i was in the city i spoke to my friend and told him i was going home and gonna have a few beers, now the weather outside is not good so after opening my first beer i sent him a pic saying my first beer, that one above was it.


I got a semi off3nsive message but in jest so i sent him a pic of beer no 2


This wind up required another pic, and the labels on the bottles started getting silly.


This was the last pic i sent my froend as i didnt want to be a tool but i was enjoying writing labels at this point.


I am writing the post as i am drinking and i am half way through this bottle now and things may no longer make sense after bottle 8 or 9 but i will keep going for a while.

I tried to be funny here but i feel it is a failire



I was thinking bingo kellys eye but i cant think of a deadly sin woth beer.

The label was written in advance and the beer had slightly frozen and i deployed the thermometer to check the level of the bottl3s before opening.


Taking beer temp seriously!


Classic 80s song, sounds better in German.


A perfect 10 lol, but 10 to 10 is cowboy time. If you dont get it your to young or dense.


My legs are ok bit my spelling is taking a pounding and only 1 more in the first case..

.i hav3 drunk 1 beer fot every man on the moon and No 13 is opened.

Contest - i am writing this while still semi sober - For the best/funny original hand written beer label i will buy 3 sbi shares so we can enjoy the jokes longer after the beer has worn off. Tje label must be on a beer you are enjoying.

I hope you enjoyee my drunken post and please enter my contest.


There's still 87 bottles of beer on the wall!

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86 buddy

What i saw while i was drinking number 14 killed a dream but will make me smile for weeks as it was better than i could have imagined.

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