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RE: Guide: How to Setup a STEEM Exchange Node

in #steem4 years ago

We need this. Steem is surging at $6+ now, and more and more interest will come to the blockchain.

Exchanges, get ready to set up Steem exchange nodes ASAP with this guide!


I agree @mooncryption.

STEEM is getting on people's radar very quickly. I know @Zappl sent out some feelers a couple months back trying to find out if some exchanges would be interesting in picking up STEEM. I think they got a few positive inquiries.

Thinks are starting to get pretty hot and heavy around here.

You are correct about that, things are getting interesting. I'm using my position as prominent Steem witness and co-founder of @buildteam and @steemvoter to engage with exchanges one at a time and offer them marketing and revenue opportunities on the trending page as per this post:

My goal is to help list Steem on as many exchanges as I can in 2018.

Great to hear Steem getting more well deserved exposure. All the best.

I'm even going to do this now! I'm just getting involved with exchanges, so the more I can, the more I'll help out.