Make Sure You Use These Steem Sites Before You Upvote

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I joined steemit few months ago. Did not have much ideas about steem or bitcoin more than what I saw in the ads while surfing. And maybe you was not dumb as me when you joined steemit and maybe you are a member in other sites that pay with cryptocurrency, but these steem sites are of good help, some of these sites helped me to estimate  my curation reward, some helped me to know when to upvote, while others help me to keep an eye on my SP, VP AND SD.

For new members, these sites are helpful to some limit, but you need to add your stratgy wihle using them and that you will gain from the experts in steemit by reading older posts.

There are the helpful sites: is good to observe your VP and who upvoted your posts and with how much power they do it. is a tool to know how much you will earn after the 7 days period of your post or upvote.

3-Steemstats is good to also tell you about your curation reward after you upvote a post. I am not sure if there is another advantage for it. is helpful site to know if the author of the post upvoted her or his post and when, it helps to guess how much you may earn as curation reward before you upvote.

5-Steemvoter is the newest for me, it is good if you think that your favorite author or mentor is going to post while you are at work or busy. You just add the author's name to your account and the when you want to do your upvote after the post is posted and how much VP  you want to use (VP is not for newbie as we need to use %100 of our vp to earn something)

I have to say that I met in here some bad and some good people and this post influenced from a nice person who supported me, so THANK YOU JUSTTRYME90


Cool, thanks for info.

Hiya! I used all of the above until someone turned me onto SteemWorld. It has everything you need in one placed. Here is a link with your ID: Take your time and explore. It can be overwhelming at first.

Oh that is so sweet of you, thanks, will try it today

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