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RE: Let's make Steem great. Incentives to sponsors announcement from Steepshot.

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A lot of people still don't realize that they don't have to post content directly to Steemit. There are so many apps that they can use if they are not into blogging; Steepshot; Zappl; Dsound; Dmania; Dlive; and more.

I have to imagine that more Instagram users will slowly start to migrate to Steepshot once they become aware of it and its benefits.


This is very true tho. But it's disheartening that some people will post some shit on dmania (although quality content is relative, some posts are just shitposts) and use bots or something to get hundreds of dollars in rewards while others are struggling to even hit 100cents in rewards with a valuable well written post or nicely done video.

And also some people believe that people who post on the alternate apps to steemit like zappl and steepshot are not serious "bloggers"