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During this covid-19 lot of problems has given to us. One of the main problems of this is food. There is no work for most Filipinos so no money. The government provides us food but we could say it's enough especially for those people who only relied on their work. Unlike those rich people that they won't be hungry right away if they don't have work.

That's why last week I posted about asking help for these guys. I personally made a letter for this purpose when I read all their problems. We were stranded on a city with no family. We're paying our boarding house despite from the fact that our money was getting spent already. Well, we must priorities our food first.

Then just this week I received a message from my neighbour. She was known as kind person because of how she helped before. I was overwhelmed when she said that all of us will receive help from different people. She also posted in Facebook about our situation and some of them contacted her. They promised that each one of us will receive help from different people.

I asked for photographs of them with the food they received not for promotion or political issues. My neighbour told us that it won't be posted in Facebook because they might be embarrassed of showing their faces.

When I said it they were hesitate but then my neighbour told me that it will just show for those sponsors. She's doing that to make the sponsors feel happy about helping other people.

Thanks God that all of us received help from random people. It might simple but for us it's much. Then I realised that even though we're facing problems like this. There are still people willing to help.

Being a hero is not just about risking lives. It's not just about fighting in war but also helping people not to die. Don't hesitate to help even if it's just small. The thing is you're willing to help and it's better to give than to receive.
. Let me show you some images that were sent to me. These are not mine but they sent it to me from messenger. received_1130649590628296.jpeg

Thank you always for reading

d' dreamboy,

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