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Christmas is coming and most of the small stores and big stores are decorating their establishment. They have different attractions to encourage people to stop by and visit that place. Bigger stores like malls have the advantage because they have enough budget to spend better decorations. Well because placing decorations needs a budget to make it prettier. If they don't, the decorations will not be eye catchy for sure.

Now, I was walking in this mall in Cebu City yesterday because I was being told.

After my purpose of being in this mall. I roamed around inside the mall. Nothing particular why I did that, I just wanted to have a different environment. While I was walking my eyes were being caught by this freezing decoration here. It's nice to see something like this, especially that the Philippines don't fall snow.

It's not just me who was taking pictures here. As you can see, a woman was doing it as well. There were others but only this woman was being caught by my camera. Who wouldn't love to see attractions when it's good for our eyes? Nothing special but because something was new and that's the reason we're loving it.

I was amazed because it looked real snow that I saw in movies. Well, I can only saw snow in movies because I haven't been to different countries and again snow won't fall in the Philippines.

I saw artificial flowers being placed in the ground. I don't think they're being realistic because flowers like this won't bloom in a place like this. But you know decorations, there should be quite different to make it special.

This attraction was located on the ground level of the mall. It was in one place as well that I didn't go to a different part of the mall to capture images.

I don't know in your country but in our country Philippines. You can see a lot of them here because we really love Christmas. The feeling only that it's Christmas will make us happy. Maybe not just because of tradition, it's just part of us why we love this Christmas time. That's how my walked ended for today.

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