Buying food for Good Friday in the market was failed.

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Ladt night me and my boardmates talked about cooking benignit. Benignit is a food that we should be eating during Good Friday. This kind of food is serve as sacrifice or limiting ourselves from eating delicious food. You know when holy week we should be fasting. For us, the holy week is when Jesus our God was death. We don't need to celebrate but instead mourn for this day.

Early in the morning together with my boardmate. We woke up early to avoid encountering many people in the market. It's not about the virus this time but it's about buying ingredients easily. IMG_20200410_055442.jpg
This was a church that I took when we went into the market. Every church should be open by now because it's part of our tradition to go to church during Good Friday to pray. But sad to say, all of the churches were closed due to covid-19. I'm not sure in the province since there was no break out of thr virus there. Maybe they continued the mass like we used to do every year.
As we arrived in the entrance of the market. Many people were already falling in line. There were police officers who watch the entrance. They're avoiding the contact because most of the people didn't know how to handle the social distancing.

The distance of the line from the entrance of the market until the last person was approximately 1 km. We wanted to buy the materials but it's terrifying to risk with so much people there. Not only that, there is no assurance that the ingredients we wanted to buy will still be there.
People that were late in the line just walking and walking outside. They're hoping that there were vendors selling outside the market. There was but it's useless because we couldn't buy it all the ingredients. The food will not be delicious without the complete ingredients.

So... we decided to just go into the other market. IMG_20200410_063338.jpg

Sad to know that in that market only few stores that were opened. Those who were opened were not selling the ingredients we wanted to buy. As we went into the center of the market. Just felt down because again another falling in line of people who wanted to go inside the market.

We decided to go home without bringing anything. We're expecting that we can eat benignit today because we only cook this kind of food during Godd Friday. I don't know but it seems delicious or fun when you eat it during Good Friday. There's no choice but we just went home after..

The approximately 5 kms walking was just into in vain. Well, not that bad after all because we did walk and exercise our body. We always stays at home so walking outside is not that bad.

thank you for reading

images are mine
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