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They don't need to kill to save a country. There's no war but they need to defend the country. They're afraid to die but they chose to face the danger of this pandemic. They didn't do a mistake about this matter but they sacrifice their own happiness. There's no assurance that their lives will be spared but still they want to fight for the people. They're not oblige to save people but because of their hearts to help. They thought that it's their responsibility to be in front for the people.

As my own observation on what's going on our societies. Especially me, in the Philippines as a Filipino. I often saw in the social media how the people supporting these #frontliners. Because of it I saw frontliners crying with joy. Even though their lives are in danger, they still smiling because of the encouragement of the people.

However, it doesn't happen all the time. I saw in the news as well how they pushed away those frontliners not to step in their places. I know their afraid that these frontliners brought virus from their work. But I think it's ironic, how we supports them through social media. While in real life, they're like a an angel who acts like a devil. How are they pushing these people away when they're working very hard for us.

Did they forget that sometimes they can't see their love ones because they're afraid that they'll infect them with virus. I even saw those people hurting the frontliners not to enter in this place. How stupid they might be, they're so selfish like a shit. They already forget what they've been doing for us. Some frontliners are already died because of this virus. Some of them don't want to go to work because they're started to feel afraid for their lives. And yet we still pushed them not to go home.

I'm a selfish person, I'm a bad person but thinking what they're doing for us because of this virus. I decided to be not selfish and to be a good person. I don't want them to think that it's useless in fighting this virus when the people didn't support them. We must be thankful instead of hating them. They're human like us, they even thought sometimes why they choose this kind of job. We should make them feel how lucky we are to have them so that they will keep on fighting for us.

I found a good song as a appreciation to our frontliners. It's sang by Alicia Keys titled "good job."

By hearing this song I'm sure you will realise how thankful we are. Spend time of listening into this song and think of the actions of our frontliners.

d' dreamboy,

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