Lapu-lapu market at night

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This market was located at lapu-lapu Cebu. It was my first time when I came into this place. My sister told me to meet here since this place where she's currently living. Her work is here as well and that's why she's renting a boarding house here. She asked me to bring something to give to my mother. Of course, it's me will bring it, at last, I'm going home next week. I'm excited but at the same time afraid. You know a covid thing, it's annoying because of some manipulation of the positive cases.

When we saw each other we walked a little further to search for something she wanted to give to my mother. We were roaming around and as you can see this town was starting to be back from normal.

Most of the stores here I think they were considered as vendors. They don't really have a building where their products to place. They only had a tent in sheltering themselves from sun or rain maybe. But they don't remove it like the other vendors.

Most of the owners here were owned by Muslims people. They were popular in doing business like this and most of their products are sleepers, shoes, clothes, cheap jewellery. But most of their products are not branded or didn't have the quality that we can assure it will not be ruined right away.

I think people now were not afraid of the virus anymore. There were signs of social distancing but people failed to comply it. Well, it's hard to keep it in mind especially when no one will watch them over. Even me, I didn't do that distancing thing if I'll be in crowded places.

I'm not sure if it's like this all the time because this was my first time being here. From what I learned to my sister. The people who were buying here lessened because of quarantine pass. People will not be allowed to go outside if "no quarantine pass." If the authorities will see you being outside without bringing that pass. You will be apprehended and there will be a punishment. I just don't know what because I haven't tried it.

After the tiring walked my sister brought me into a barbecue eatery. The food was delicious and it's not that expensive. Not only that, the environment looked so clean. It's nice because it's a dining area. Have a look.

It's cool, right? Not that fancy maybe but it's fine as long as the food will be delicious. You know I'm on diet these days, even though it's delicious since it was an evening meal. I must restrain myself of eating a small amount of food.

thank you for reading

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