Night of terror

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November 2 is All Souls Day or the day of the November 2 is All Souls Day or the day of the dead. It became part of our tradition to see or to hear about wonders in the world. Since it's the day of the dead. We love to listen to stories or watch in television about stories that include ghosts and unbelievable stories. Even now we still love to watch on our television about this kind of stories. How about let me tell you stories that it really happened even though it will be hard for you to believe because you didn't witness it.

Invisible hugger

It happened long ago when our place still dark because of no electricity. We only had lamps to make every house brighter. It means that candles and lamps that gave us lights. It's expected that outside of our houses would be dark. Like in the street and the surroundings.

A fisherman Baroro (nickname) arrived in the shore at 1 am. No people were waiting there in the shore at that time. When he arrived at the shore he rested in the waiting shed near in our Brgy. hall. It was raining at that time so he sat and waited for the rain will stop. While waiting he fell asleep and just woke up because someone hugged him tightly. He was a big guy so he forced to let go from the grip of that invisible hugger. He walked fast because the rain has stopped. He managed to escape from that hug. but when he almost arrived at their house when the rain fell again. He stopped for a minute but that unknown started hugging him tightly again. Before he was being completely gripped he managed to let go and run. They said that it came from a big tree near that waiting shed.



This is not an actual appearance of a sigbin. I saw it on my eyes that it's like a dog but long ears. This kind of animal will show their back in walking forward. They can kill a person by just sneezing according to the people. I didn't believe it before but I truly believe it when I saw one.

My mother came from Mindanao. Her father was popular for being a half-human and half fairy. Even my mother told me because his appearance was a little different from an ordinary human. They also said that my grandfather raised sigbins. Sigbin will give luck to their owner but the people can raise this mythical creature are only those extraordinary human being.

It was in the year of 2012 when I accompanied my mother going to her place, Mindanao. She said we will watch over the lands because it was earning from plants. I arrived there and it was new to me because of the location. It was in the mountain part of the Mindanao. I was sleeping at that time when my mother heard a sound. She knew what kind of sound was that so she woke me up. She told me to find out if it was really a sigbin.

I used the flashlight to see where was it. I couldn't believe what I saw because it looked like a dog but had big ears. The reason it created a sound because of turning its head and was hitting its two ears. My mother said that maybe it was looking for her because her father died. This mythical creature will smell the bloodline of their owner's who passed away. That's what they said, I don't know if that was the real reason.



Wakwak (Philippines mythical creature)

They described this mythical creature with the same appearance from a bat. The difference in it was the size. It was bigger but according to the old people. The soul from a human who got inside in a bird that its appearance will not be a human. If you will ask Filipinos about wakwak they will know what is it.

This experience was shared by my cousin. We saw scratch from all over his body when he told us about his story. He said he was feeding the pigs in the afternoon from the mountain where his other house located. It was dark already when he finished but because he wanted to go fishing. He decided to walk even if it's already dark. He only brought a torch that was made from clothing and kerosene. While he was walking he noticed something was flying above him. At first, he ignored it but when it came back again and again. He thought it's something different. He brought a bolo or a sharp metal. He walked fast so he could reach a place where many houses could be found.

Before he arrived in the community part of the village. A big bird attacked him from above. His shoulder was being scratched from long nails and that creature wanted to kill the fire. He covered the lamp so the fire will not be gone and continued running. He wanted to pull his bolo to defend himself but he was wondering why he couldn't. He said something was going on why he couldn't. He ran and ran while protecting the fire not to be off because it was so dark in that mountain. When he was fell in the ground from the attacked of that creature. Maybe because of his adrenaline he pulled off his bolo and started waving to that creature. When he was holding it the creature left and never returned. But he already had wounds and scratches in his body. We saw the scratches that's why I believed what he said to us.

It's up to you if you will believe it or not. It's just some stories I heard and I experienced as well. Anyway, thank you for reading.

d' dreamboy,

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