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Every summer I always go into the province of my mother. I love to stay during summer there because there are different activities there. Also I love to spend the summer there because of Hana. Hana became my friend despite from the fact that she forgot me everyday. She has a minor amnesia that he can forgot people's faces and memories but except for her family and friends that became part of her childhood.

Now, the summer has come again. After I graduated in my college I'm riding a bus right going in that province where Hana is. But while I'm waiting to to arrive there let me recall why I really love to see Hana again.


"Hey Hana, let us go into the sea again?" It was early in the morning when I went into Hana's house. I saw her outside thinking something. When I asked her about going to the sea she just replied me with, "Who are you again?" I did some dramatic moves because I already knew that she forgot me for sure. I kneel down and acting like sad while holding my forehead and said. "How could you forget this handsome guy in front of you." Maybe Hana thought of me an ugly guy because she simply glimpsed and said. "You're not handsome even a bit." I smiled silently while acting like I was hurt. I hold my chest and acted being fell down and said. "Maybe it's time for us to have separate ways." I slowly walking away while showing I was down but I was joking. I run towards her and showed to her the notebook where our last activities was being listed. After she read it she came back to her senses and she knew me again. She pushed me away and said, "You just made me sad."


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We began laughing again because actually Hana and I became really close to each other. We went into the sea to swim and played like children. "Hey Paul, show your face to me." I was surprised when she said that to me. I made sure to clear my face from the hair that covered it. I slowly showed to him like in a movie that there will be a slow motion. She was annoyed because of I faces her slowly so she just said. "Okay, I don't care anymore." When she said that I felt like I wanted to show her how handsome I was if I got wet. I came to her near in front and showing my face where she was looking.

She was annoyed again of what I did and decided to go home. I followed her and sent her into their home. While I was in there house I wrote the things we did so that by tomorrow morning she can remember it again. Everyday I'm doing that because knowing that she'll forget me will makes me feel like dying. While I was writing she hugs me at the back and said. "Thank you very much Paul." She cried while leaning her face into my shoulder. I couldn't help but my tears fell as well. I was so happy even though the truth was sometimes I was being afraid of doing that. I was afraid that someday she will forgot me, really.

Our last moment being together was so sad. I then went into our house where located in the City. That's the place where I was studying and my whole family lives. I didn't want to go because when I saw Hana she looked like crying. Maybe she will be sad because I won't be there for her anymore.


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When the bus arrives I go out immediately into the bus and run towards into Hana's house. But when I arrived at their house I saw Hana with someone while hugging. My heart is breaking into pieces while watching them. I saw her brother sitting and told me to go there but my body can't move while watching them. I just ask his brother about who is that guy.

His brother told me that this guy is his boyfriend before Hana lost her memories. Her boyfriend just arrived from abroad where he was studying. He had no idea what's happening to Hana because of it. I then leave while they're enjoying being together. My tears falls slowly and I decided to go into the beach. I feel very lonely being like this, being in this place not with Hana together. I want to show to her the notebook I always have with me so she can remember me all the time. But I don't want to ruin her memories and especially now that she's very happy with the one she really loves.

Everyday I pass Hana's house, it's rarely to see her outside thinking something alone. That's what I always do while staring at her from a distance. My heart feels really heavy, it is the last day of summer. I don't want to go yet because I finished my study after all but there's no reason for me to stay here. I went into their house to say goodbye. Luckily, Hana isn't there so I can say formal goodbye and maybe I won't be back anymore. I leave all the memories I have with Hana into her brother. I throw the notebook into the fire where her brother is burning grasses and garbage.

I threw it there when suddenly the rain falls heavily. For a second I got wet right away and I look up in the sky. My chest still so heavy and I wanted to shout. I am waiting that the thunder clap will create a sound where I can shout but I don't have the time to do so. I see Hana picking up the notebook I threw into the fire. It seems she reminds of something by that notebook that's why she pick it up right away before it gets wet. She open it and immediately she stare at me looking so sad. She saw into my face of longing to be with her. I cried quietly while covering my mouth so I won't be making any sound. I saw her taking steps towards me....


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