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RE: Steem: SMT Testnet to be released in 1-2 weeks (They are finally here!)

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We can only wait to see what use cases for SMT will be developed. Launching testnet is still not the same as having SMT in the mainnet. Testnet is just for developers to iron out the last bugs left in the code and to do final finetuning and adjustments from the feedback.


Good point. From what I have read they won't actually be live until early next year, depending on what is found in the testnet of course.

Then we know how many useful projects will adopt SMT, if any... In the end the whole crypto world is so big that barely few projects interest each person and there is a lot more projects that don't.

The problem is the marketing if you market it well, it can be a next big thing.

That is part of it for sure. Had there been a social site, that could scale, pay people to participate and had a massive advertising budget, it might have been able to steal millions and millions of users from Facebook with all the drama over there recently. The problem is no site has been able to scale as of yet, or has the advertising budget to really make a run.

I have low hopes for Steem and SMT, as for last month there has been zero payouts even though I have been as active as in the early days when I got quite a big payouts... It seems Steem is yet another case when they pay out to new users for a while and then they change rules so old users and spammers only get payouts.

There has yet to be any great apps built in crypto (no offense to any current ones of course, but the numbers just aren't there), eventually the hope is that the next Facebook, Google, Amazon etc will be built on one of these...

I read StackOverflow a lot... It's like Bible of developers...

The problem with building apps for crypto is that either the core is too heavy on resources to be usable (like with Steem or Bitcoin), or the privacy features make it hard to identify or separate individual users...

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