Day 1/365 How Much Steem Power Can I Make in 1 Year

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Hi everyone, this is just a quick post mainly for me to stay motivated. I currently utilize three sources to increase my steem earnings.

  • #1. Mining
  • I've been mining zclassic in the hopes of a large price spike and free bitcoin private. The fork happens tomorrow, for better or worse I am sticking with that. I will use the sell of zclassic after the snapshot to purchase steem and add that to my steem power

  • #2. Selling my upvote
  • From doing plenty of testing, I've decided to use my upvotes to sell through Smartsteem Bot If you click on the link you'll see a calculator, just enter in your info to see how much profit you can make. Currently it seems that delegating steempower is a little more profitable than selling your upvote.

    Here are my vote selling results from 1 day

    ![smart steem balance 1.png]()

  • #3. Utilizing SBD to Purchase Votes
  • I regularly use my SBD to purchase upvotes with a ROi of at least 30%. On average I'll get about that + free steem power if I choose the rewards default (50/50) setting. Yesterdays post lets see how much steem power I can earn in 1 year earned 1.18 SBD and 0.36 Steep Power after spending 1.29 SBD on voting. Not too good, normally I complete that step very late at night.

    1 Day Totals:

    1.3 Steem from mining
    0.36 Steem from Author Curation
    0.18 SBD from Vote Selling

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    You got a upvote of 7% from @danzy courtesy of @mybitcoinacademy!

    Interesting. Will follow your success. Good luck!

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