Planning to meet Dan Larimer in Person soon

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last week, I met Roger Ver in Tokyo in person and able to connect with some great people in Crypto


Meeting Roger Ver was first step in my new STEEM Chapter. I’m preparing myself to new journey with innovative approach

As per my last post, I’m developing a strategy to build a bridge between STEEM and EOS

Even though I’m not active here on STEEM or Twitter lately, I’m always thinking of how to add value to STEEM with long term strategy

I’m so Thankful for fellow STEEMians and I apologise for ending STEEM Seven77 Challenge with Twitter

I’ll explain in my next post why I want to meet Dan Larimer

Thank you 🙏


good to see!

Are you planning to build a bridge like BEOS did between EOS and BTS?
Anyway I tried to reach you at Twitter and I wish you might not stop those promotional stuffs out of STEEM blockchain about STEEM.
Honestly we didn't aware about what you did before, and now I know you went to right places to gather more people with STEEM, specially with your Twitter Promotions of STEEM!
Wish you all the best for your future endeavors as well!


Bridges can be build in so many ways, the first step is connecting and getting to know key people of EOS, for example key people behind

I’ll continue to explore more and find out if I can help someone else already planning on Building some kind of bridge between STEEM and EOS or build a bridge myself

I’m sorry that I wasn’t active on Twitter/STEEM lately and I missed responding to you on Twitter

STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement was brought more awareness to STEEM but we couldn’t achieve things like getting STEEM listed with Coinbase, So I’ll focus on building bridge with EOS

I don't know your attempt might work well! Coz the politics behind STEEM and EOS! Friends who became foes is hard to collaborate to do team works! Specially after we rage quit them and they perform better than us! Anyway I wish you all the best and your intention is correct! This is what we need and I think you might not stop promoting STEEM at TWITTER too! I hope Coinbase might think again to add us, if we show them we got a strong community backup at Twitter as well!


What do you think EOS will eventually be worth $ 200? And if so what do you mean for a period? Thank you

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Here active yet with Seven77.


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It’s my fault that I didn’t tell my fellow STEEMians to stop Seven77 Challenge directly

This week, I’ll kindly ask STEEMians who’re still participating in Seven77 Challenge to stop the Challenge directly

I’m forever grateful for you and your family

Sending your family lots of love 💕

And for the next step I'll be ready, waiting for you

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Thank you @nathanmars for your hard effort to build this blockchain. Although you are inactive, you still think about Steem. It proof that your concern to Steem is still large.
Thank you
Warm regard from Indonesia

There are many STEEMians are trying hard to make our STEEM Great

I’m Thankful for my fellow STEEMians, including all wonderful STEEMians from Indonesia 🇮🇩

My pleasure.
We hope and still optimize Steem will find establishment price some day.

Thanks always for your relentless effort in always trying to add value, one time all the other we're often uncertain as to the best of ways to add value and sometimes we try and try until we definitely get it right. Thanks for the endeavors and hoping to see your outcome with this meet, Cheers Nath. Always available and willing to help at any time

Appreciate your encouragement and continuous contribution Joseph

I never give up trying, Failure after failure I’ll keep moving forward

I'm really disappointed when closed seven77 challenge on Twitter. It was made huge waves about steem around the world through Twitter. But I hope about new project you'll build next bridge steem+ eos. With your temporary leaving on Twitter and Steem felt some voids. But steemians can keep hope with your new projects. See you soon with new updates. Cheers @nathanmars

I can totally understand why many STEEMians are disappointed with closing Seven77 Twitter Challenge

Honestly I thought deeply about continuing the challenge and spend many days thinking long term impact of this movement. Finally I came to conclusion that it better to end this challenge and focusing building bridge between EOS & STEEM

I’m forever grateful your continuous contribution in my own STEEM journey and I’ll keep everyone with my next steps

It's sad to see you power down, and the activity of seven77 stopped.

Looking forward to your thinking about EOS and STEEM, thank you.

I'm totally destroyed bruh .. This community just fuck me ..

Congratulations dear friend, I wish you the best in your new projects. We have you in our heart. Much love for you a big hug. Beautiful and happy photo of the two.

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Good news for everyone. The long time strategy is best and hopefully it will make a new development and huge difference in CrYpto World.

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Hey man, hope you're doing well and that we see you back on Steem soon. It's important not to forget those that did a lot for Steem and put their hearts out there but it's understandable it is difficult to take these markets and how certain companies operate or the lack thereof. Hoping to be able to welcome you back in the near future!

keep crushing it man. in everything you are doing.

we’re here to support ya in all your visions and projects.

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It always great to adapt and shift focuses when needed. Value continues to be added so at least things are going in the right direction!

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Convince @dan to come back to steem Nathan and ditch 'voice'... or maybe find a way to merge/bridge the two 🤔😮😉

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This is fantastic update @nathanmars awesome. Take care

I saw your tweet on 1 aug about meeting Roger and glad to know this. You keep doing great work and we are here to support you in your thoughts and vision. Will wait for further update about your meeting with Dan L. Take care brother

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Two legend in one frame :)

GodSpeed ! 💙

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@nathanmars, great job! Very nice picture!

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Do your thing man ! I am Uber appreciative of all that you do and I feel consolidation is the key for crypto survival. It’s the only logical progression as I see it. Symbiosis!

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That was wonderful @nathanmars 👌 Roger Ver is a big deal in cryptosphere. Meeting Dan Larimer will make your EOS, Steem bridge a reality 💯.
Let's wait and see what VOICE has in store for us. Do you know when they are launching?
Enjoy your weekend and wishing you a productive week ahead 👍 😁

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Definitely there will be great idea/plan in your mind for steem community in the reference of meeting with Dan Larimer.
Feeling good to see you again.

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I think building a bridge between the two could be a great thing


Hope you'll meet Dan soon..
Much love from Germany 🇩🇪 to Japan 🇯🇵
Tom finally back but not so long time I go Thailand 🇹🇭 again, bored here already 🤣😂😉

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Hi, Excuse my intrusion

@jackmiller has suggested we exchange some thoughts of mind.

I am available on Discord or telegram, should you have free time.
(provide the road to make the change)

Are you okey there @nathanmars

Is there any chance to catch you via DM? I hope you're fine and doing well


Hey man!

I too have been absent from Steem a long time and am really glad to be back and catch up with you. Talk to you soon...

diversity is key, lots of good projects in crypto, always good to give support to as many as possible

Well, many things are on my mind from what I read from you, @nathanmars. However, the strongest question is:

Please explain EOS to me Steemian. Where to go? I love steemit for the hands on experience. Where to go for EOS?

I foresee linking Steem with EOS will be an amazing development. It will also be nice having to base them both on a platform where users can get rewarded with both coins at the same time. This will definitely bring about growth in both platforms. So the Bridging is a cool concept. Hook me up if my assistance is needed bro. I appreciate that you always come up with ideas that will benefit the crypto world in general.

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