Pls consider bringing the views counter back, even if it only shows the views on
And pls consider giving weekly updates on the stuff, that you guys are doing. I am sure you are working hard in the background, but the community wants to know what is currently being done for the platform.

Thx. This interview was a good start to get more attention.

Weekly updates postings also would be nice as it opens up the comments section for us to comments, debate, ideas, etc. It was thanks to @ew-and-patters that now i know the view counter is gone, it is/was a nice feature to know if you were getting visibility or not in your postings, especially if you are new, since you do not know if it is because of the article, or because no one views it that you do not get feedback as expected :)

Nice work @ned! I had 2 tv interview for steemit too last december with the help of #promo-steem i really hope you give them attention theyre the biggest voluntary marketing group here on steemit.

Yes so true #promo-steem have really supported many of us. Pls give them special attention

Great spot (I mean, Scott). That's some nice exposure.

No kidding!

Well said
It marks some positive effect on the Steem blockchain.
More people will be on board the Steem train

Great Scott reminds me of the Doc in Back To The Future, maybe @Ned is from the future.

Hi, Mr. ned.
please follow me ^^*

Im really excited that he is promoting Steem in Korea since they are REALLY DEEP into crypto.

Great to see some more publicity coming down the line. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and a lot of problems that need to be addressed but publicity is great for organic growth.

@ned surprised to see you are very active these days i suggest you to change overall look of steemit and make it user friendly online friends adding system and chat live with online users so that we really feel that we are using a social media .This Site seems like Article based instead of Social

This is exactly what I keep saying for months, but I got nobody to listen. I hope somebody at Steemit Inc. will notice your comment!

I agree, it seems more like sharing articles from internet rather than social

I think it is what it's meant to be. It's not meant to be a a facebook clone.

I think it already has the potential to become greater than a facebook clone. #Patience is a virtue.

why not use discord?

what happened ??@lays
i transfer you 4 SBD for upvote ,but you don't ..Why??
i am so upset..

@ned Good interview. I would recommend practicing explaining steemit to a 5 year old. That explanation was not the clearest. Also I did not come away with an understanding or even a feeling that I could make money blogging on steem from this interview (which is steemit's main selling point in my opinion).

What hooked me most was the blockchain of Steemit and some people may or may not make more money on Steemit while others maybe less so, meaning no guarantees, meaning it depends, as there is that wide variable there, and money is a selling point I agree but beyond that, I like a place to save my work, my things, and it seems that blockchain networks do not allow data to be removed. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others, have deleted my stuff, have censored me, the Original Oatmeal, for many years, so many times, and many people have been censored, not only me, so we like and and and and others because of the blockchain system which is decentralized and that is something we may prefer over centralized bullies.

This is incredibly exciting! I think you did an excellent job of smoothly explaining things in a way that "regular" people can understand. I think this can be a great starting point to help my friends and family better understand steemit.

It's such a hard concept for people to get anyway, I think he did well!

Proud of you sir @ned and keep up the good work, stay healthy and stay focus. I'm glad i'm belong to this community and we will grow this platform together because this is the future social media.

Whoa, another awesome exposure on steem/steemit, Im so excited whats the next big leap. This platform will surely be huge in no time - sooooonn :)

@ned you’ll be way better on the next one now that you know how these people are going to come at you! Figure out a way to explain Steemit to a five-year-old, explain how this is changing the lives of many people all over the world , and that you’re getting paid for basically stuff that you’re doing for free on Facebook. Great work man.

The life changing aspect needs to be emphasized good point.

Great exposure and very well done @ned!

I wonder why she explicitely touched the bad quality of the content. Was this something you mentioned by yourself during the talks in Korea? It's actually not correct. Some bad quality pieces are currently overvalued through an excessive use of bid bots. So first that doesn't concern the content of the whole platform and second it's nothing we couldn't fix. This is rather a content structur problem than a quality problem... Maybe that's what you can tell them the next time when you're asked about quality issues which we actually don't have :-)

Now hopefully the wave of new users - brought through media attention - will come after HF 20 :-)

Well said, man! My thoughts exactly regarding ‘bad quality content’! There is a vast amount of quality posts in the community. It’s just the way they are valued by the bid bots that gives the appearance of a ton of bad content. I see incredible posts every day from all types that I follow and I always give them the penny upvote I have lol!

There is a vast amount of quality posts in the community.

YES, fully agreed! We only need to bring it to the front :-)

Hi @ned, two thoughts:

  1. you seemed to concede the point of 'poor quality' content on Steemit - which was pretty much what she opened with - although you did mention 'working' on it. The issue is of low quality stuff making it to the top of trending, rather than there being more low quality stuff than high - isn't it?
  2. I thought you could have usefully emphasized the difference between Steemit and FB being 'decentralized' vs controlled / 'centralized'. I did like how I thought you implied that FB would need to build an app that works with the blockchain in order to 'enhance' the experience of their users :P

Nice to see all this activity Mr.CEO :D, you've certainly got a very calm and collected manner, and you gave a very clear presentation IMO. Wishing you well with the rest of it.

I really like how you’ve parsed out the issue in “1.” Thank you for the feedback!

How and when will “the issues in 1” be addressed @ned? Will SMTs even have an influence on the current design or would we rather need another hardfork (21) to fix it? Don’t you find it embarrassing by yourself to open the website in its current state? Is this the reason why you didn’t use it for so long?

Don’t you find it embarrassing by yourself to open the website in its current state? Is this the reason why you didn’t use it for so long?

I have used it nearly every day since launch.... and I read and see everything on here ))

There is HQ content.. there’s not yet HQ ranking and surfacing systems

It’s great to know that you read, yet this doesn’t answer my main question :-)
Will SMTs bring that “HQ ranking and surfacing systems” to

And now that I have your attention: Is the decreasing number of active users (now below 60,000) somehow alarming to you? Will SMTs contribute to generally improve the user experience?

I’m not challenging your competence at all - as you know. I’m only concerned about the future of this place.


This place has no future if there's no shift in the status quo. Although it will survive for some time, due to whales circle-jerking at each other and up-voting their own crap. Thus encouraging others to power-up too in order to make the most out of it while the platform is still alive.

I myself a minnow who no longer feel the magic of Steemit and decided to return to Medium instead. At least my expectations are clearly set on there and the maturity of the platform is comforting. Hence my content is safe without worrying the app suddenly vanished overnight.

EOS is just around the corner. May we breathe a fresh air of freedom by learning from this now failing experiment.

On point. Amen 🙏

I'm so glad that you use Steemit like all others and communicate with the community (us) directly. The beginnings are always bumpy, but hey, I already feel quite good here. Just keep your good work!

Why not have two trending pages? One for posts that are screened daily for no bid bots ("Bid bot free!"), and the second for bid bot inflated nonsense which consistently gives the platform a huge black eye and openly displays the gaming of the rewards system?

Are you gonna get your shit together now and clean up this place? Because it looks like a losing investment for everyone except whales.

Good to know, keep me informed.

i'm very sorry for such a late reply. have been away for several days but Im back now :)

It's been great to see all of these posts! Proof of Ned! :) Thank you.

The more people get to know @ned the more they get to know us & SteemIt. A win-win all around!

Yes, it's been great to see @ned back in both the media, as well on his Steem blog. Seeing him post again is really nice :)

I agree!

I'd personal would like to see more. Maybe Ned can make a weekly video report and explain the new things being done and changes that are coming. Neds Steem Team Weekly Show? Anyone got a camera?

So cool, a few weeks ago bloomberg radio interviewed Bobs Repair and they mentioned Steem too. Great to see more exposure! Looking forward to the SMT's

Good going Ned! Look forward to more and more of this as we roll into SMT keep up the good work and thank you for all you do.

Very good response when explaining "upvotes".. Great job Ned! 🤘😄

Awesome!!! Go @ned
Steem to the moon...Obviously, this is a great opportunity to pitch for the blockchain and watch it grow in membership

Great to see Steemit and STEEM being more widely known through things like these interviews on new news or other sites that people watch. Big help towards gaining more people that actually provide quality content and its growth.

Great work @ned , Steem needs this type of exposure to increase the user base!

More interviews like that would be great to help people learn about Steem!

Yeah, we're finally getting the attention that we should!

Yes sir, right now we are in the mind of the investment.

great news! getting the press out there. excited to watch, thanks. glad to see you posting more!

This is very cool - love to see more and more attention on Steem

This is great steemit are really hitting hard on a social media. now it would be discover all over the world by the bloomberg news..

What an another job well done CEO @ned

wow sir it's really good for promotion of steem please make more efforts to promote steemit so people delete the fb which has no value now people should aware that

Great to see you on Bloomberg @ned . It's good to get out there. We can make SteemIt great.

Wow, that is great, it actually good to know Steemit and Steem is now going places which will create more opportunity for empowerment and serving the community better

Good job! Go steem! :)

Wow! Cool, great news!

Awesome one Ned, we're letting the world know that Steem can be that globally accepted currency that could drive development to new frontiers.

With SMTs and communities features launching soon, this place is gonna be on fire!

Hi @ned

Good to see @steemit getting some promotion in the media. However, when I invite friends to join, here are the problems that needs to be addressed:

  • Two weeks for an account to be opened for most ordinary people is too long to wait in this day and age.

  • When they get here, it is a confusing mess. The user journey is fragmented and doesn't flow well. Your typical facebook user will have no clue where to start on steemit

  • Asymmetric reputation scores. Why does someone with lower reputation voting on someone with higher reputation, push there rep score up, but doesn't push it down when they flag? Why the inconsistency?

  • People who flag bad content should be rewarded in the same way that those who curate good content get rewarded. Why not just make it symmetrical both ways?

  • Whale abuse. I have been flagged down numerous times by @haejin not because of the quality of my posts, but purely in retaliation. There needs to be some sort of cap on the number of times one user can flag or upvote another user. This will avoid abuse and stop small clicks developing. This is needed if you really want to create a truly global community.

You can listen to this or wait a few years for some guy in a suit from an expensive consulting firm to come and tell you the same thing.

Waiting for your response.


Glad to see everything moving @ned. I would like to ask you if you are planning to address the bidbot mechanism that is trasforming the platform.
Cheers from Italy, you ecosystem as really potential!

When people ask me where the value comes from I always say this.

The reward pool is like printed money (currently about 10% a year) and if you don't participate in the platform your value is decreasing and that is how an author receives money.

Also the entire value increases as more people invest with the speculative idea that steem will grow bigger. Then just like most platforms after a few years of only increasing in value due to speculation it will start to generate more of it's value via subscriptions or advertisements.

In steemit's case a subscription might look like someone buying steem but not participating enough to keep ahead of the inflation, and therefore need to continuously reburying steem.

and the advertisement might look like a company/person buying steem so it can promote it's own content.

Anyway thats my take on where the value comes from, do you agree or am I way off the ball. @ned

Great work Ned! So happy to see you out doing stuff like this!

Go Steem!!

Cool, but you forgot to mention the most important message:

I am really glad that STEEM is being more exposed by media and it will definitely attract more attention to people :D

@ned sir good interview you are great

Really cool thing what you are doing here for Steemit. It is a pleasure to see you on Bloomberg @ned, you have done a really great job. Your interview was so rock solid and confident, people will definitely would love to see what Steemit is all about. We are going to see a spike in Steemit visits for sure.

@ned It's good to promote steemit. Good news for Steemit!

It's difficult to feel like @ned didn't just throw the center of attention of the interview (the Steemit Social Media Platform) under the bus by effectivley saying "If you wait, you can get a better experience and better quality content, with a similar payment structure, from other providers. But it's ok, because SMTs will be the future of Steem and Steem will be uber valuable once Facebook uses us to monetize their content."

Sure, media attention is nice. And I'll openly admit that the value we see in Steem and SBD has nothing to do with the actual value of the Steemit platform (with something close to an 8:1 bot-to-human ratio, conservatively). It's all speculation on the future potential of success of SMTs. Otherwise, Steem would most likely be worth less than Reddcoin.

My complaint is the lack of support or care shown towards the Steemit Community by @ned and Steemit Inc. over the past ~6 months. The community which he offered as the differentiator between Steemit and other Social Media. It's a shame..

The part about Facebook was a bit scary. Many small platforms on the internet were else swallowed or crushed by big ones. But maybe Steemit stays as a niche.

Great interview! Just gave them a little taste of SMTs at the end there. Leaveing them wanting more.

Nice to see it's making it's way to masses

yes. this is very good in my opinion. and we always do steemit and steam interviews in Aceh. because currently steemit is almost all Aceh people using steemit and I am very proud of you @ned who has created steemit and now we in Aceh already have saski. named @vesteem and I hope you support it, because we in Aceh will promote steemit around the world by offering our help and we are also in Discord and I hope to talk with you @ned to be able to ask about steemit and we want to do that best. Thank you to all of you

omg that’s so amazing! We love you here from South Africa @ned! You’re so amazing. Thanks for supporting steem and actually thanks for making this platform.

I love you you’re amazing. 🖤🖤🖤

Want to flirt, @ned ? I’m pretty. 🖤

Good work @ned, awesome to see you promoting Steemit on such a large platform.

@ned, 2 things: I'm looking forward to Smart Media Tokens use- very cool. Also, I don't suppose you might consider checking out my Steemit community project would you? I haven't tried appealing to whales and have been trying to get organic growth, but no luck yet. Been around for a year. Here's a link to The EN community's recent blog on Steemit: Would really appreciate any help. Like what you're doing! Keep it up! Cheers.

Congratulations sir. Looks like you are making great progress. Steem and Steemit really needs the exposure.

I loved the hard hitting question about lack of quality content. If only trending could bring the cream to the top.

Still bothers me that people do not think there is quality content on Steemit. Steemit is inspiring and supporting amazing content and creativity; anyone who actively follows artists and writers should know this. It is just hard for new people to find the quality content, and this leads to this very wrong perception that the woman expresses here. (I think the trending page has gotten a little better, but maybe because people who make better content are using bots now)

That's great news!
Now steemit is getting more exposure. It will grow faster than ever. :)

That's great news!
Now steemit is getting more exposure. It will grow faster than ever. :)

Wow! Nice work done! I liked it and upvoted! :)

I upvoted and followed!

Reliable interview. But it should more details. Time is too short.

@ned, you can't imagine the lives steemit has changed all over the world. Indeed you are a good leader

Wow very interesting Steemit is actually the first social media built on blockchain

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Excellent @ned! Congrats! This helps to show that Steem is a serious project. Hopefully Bloomberg viewers are not braindead and invest!

Even the explanation of where the funds come from will not satisfy is such a hard concept to explain to people. Ned did a great job in explaining it though.

@ned Sir, great job This interview was awesome. Great to see more exposure!
It will push steemit more forward and day by day steemit growing.
This such a great thing .
Proud of you, we will wait to see you at more trending news and interview.

Great interview. I know it's not as easy as it may seem to some armchair viewers, especially attempting to get complex points across in 20 seconds, but you did well considering the time restraints.
Thanks for a great platform.

The hosts interviewing you didn't make it easy, did they... They certainly came across as ignorant and just downright not into it at all.

I guess this is how it's going to be as Steemit/STEEM starts to hit the mainstream media a little more and we have to be ready for that.

Overall, well handled and great work on getting the slot on a channel like Bloomberg!

PS: Also guys, there's no point in sharing this within the Steemit network because if you're here, then you already know the deal. Instead, share it with new eyeballs on your other social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

This is great PR for the Steem blockchain onwards to more mainstream adoption. Hopefully it will be the beginning of great things ahead. Keep up the good work.

nice job explaining steemit to the public

It's great to see you out there and promoting Steemit, @ned! Is it time for us to take your media appearances as a sign that SMTs are beginning to come close to launch? ;)

Thanks for sharing such an inspirational interview. Yes really steemit community is awesome in every way. You are doing a great job in Asian countries, I would like to invite you in India too. Please sir your auspicious presence means a lot for us. Yes sir steemit has changed my life too tremendously, but we are now living in a very confused state as our government had imposed ban on crypto currency, and had sent a mendat to the RBI for closing exchange .So we need the help of your like people who can bring light to the lakes of steemians of India. Please sir you can inqure all these problems with our great steemians @firepower too. He is doing a great job by creating awareness among people of our country. I often think about you so I made a request through this comment. Please sir we need help and support. Wish you a very happy time ahead. Thanks.

Way to go with it. Beware Facebook, @ned is coming for you.

Finally, congrats @ned, you the man!

Wonderful you are taking steem blockchain to the new level

What a cool place to be at this time! Way to represent, @ned!

Thats some nice exposure for the platform. As a relatively new user I think the quality issue is definitely where the focus should be to draw in more users

this is good news, may steemit continue to progress and develop :)

Great, very good, @ned !

A perfect time for this interview alligning with steemit's 2nd birthday.

What a great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Good job @ned.
I have been trying to explain Steemit to my mum, i had to show her this video to convince her that it is legit.

Great job!!!

Good job, Ned. The Acehnese are waiting for you in the Veranda of Mecca, for a pleasant and pleasant chat.

It is always going to be a difficult concept for old media to grasp and you could see from their questions they were trying to dwell on the negatives. Ideas like Steem are their competitors after all. Very well played Ned.

@ned. You nailed this segment. Beautifully explained to the viewers.

It's great to see you advertising for steem, @ned! Well done.

Thanks for sharing @ned


This is awesome. Thank you for your what you have done for Steem/Steemit @ned

great news! getting the press out there. excited to watch, thanks. glad to see you posting more!

Crazy to see that we're gaining mass adoption. Imagine what Steemit will be in 5 years time, Facebook who?


Steem and Steemit on Bloomberg!!! This is classic and really heartwarming. Way to go @ned.

She was so clueless... "You generate new coins with upvotes" would have probably floored her.

lol. aye, that part...

Excellent. Congratulations.
Steemit is a platform that promises a good future.
Congratulations for your idea @ned.

Congratulations on getting this interview and an informing so many about SteemIt! Her question about quality content was surprising, I think as much as we do see some trash posts we see far more quality posts at least from those I follow. We have a great community and so proud to be a part of it! SteemIt is leading the charge and it definitely deserved this hard look from mainstream media! 👏🏼

Steemit change the world, glad that I found it, thank you for the hard work Sir😊

everything fine but advertisement isn't in the steemit it will be a big problem

its wonderful to see the interview of Bloomberg about Steemit. very hopeful news for us. Thanks @ned for updating.

"Steemit is Blockchain Based Social Media Platform."

It finally happened. Steemit is out on the mainstream.

I see this creating a ripple effect for the steemit ecosystem. Who's knows, maybe we'll hit an all time high before the end of the month?

Thank you for sharing @ned.

I already loving Steemit, wish it gets better and better.

You could add an embedded YouTube video here so people can watch it without going to Bloomberg. I can find it on YouTube. Good to see Ned on Bloomberg. Very interesting. Steemit is to social networking what Bitcoin is to money.

Well done, she was both uninformed and aggressive, you did a good job handling her. Awesome to see steemit in the mass media but it pains me to have to give even a single page view to Bloomberg. ;)
Where is your next appearance?

Wow .. very great information..very amazing.. we allwasy pray for steem to be successful. I hope Steemit can be number 1 social media in the world..

Thank you very much Bloomberg TV.

Thank you very2 big for Mr @ned Scott . The ceo of Steem and Steemit.

Congratulations for you All.

We will be Success in Steemit.

Warm regards i am @rijalaronaceh .
From Aceh Indonesia

I have watched this Bloomberg interview several times and think that @ned made a pretty good job explaining the basics of Steemit business model and some of the challenges and opportunities, which Steemit platform, but also other block-chain based social communities will face in the future.

Yey wonderful you created this to hekp poor people