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The new Steem website looks great! I want to congratulate the team that put this site together. I'll talk about this more tomorrow on my next livestream. Check it out here:


Very good looking site.

You got a 11.17% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @myfinanceteacher!

Looks really great @ned. Kudos to the hard work on highlighting Steem's strongest points.

Very minor edit, please have the "it" removed.

You have good eyes. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope the team will fix it soon.

Dear @ned, thank you for your new website, but unfortunately Steem is going down too much to be happy right now for this work.
Yesterday i did my post to try to help Steem to rise, but my contribution is nothing compare what you can do!
I just buy again some Steem, i believe in this project, but we need to be more and more in order to stop this fall.
This is my post:
I hope you will do something too for this task...:))

I've been buying for the last week.

Just did it my friend, but we need more do it and not just say it!

Nice improvement, I love how stunning site is now! But what about that has been in beta for years now, can’t it be worked on?

I agree.

there's steemit, busy, steampeak, etc ... i think it's a competition to see which format is the most dynamic/attractive

We’ve been had, it looks like.

Just my feeling. is still in beta after two years and has been abandoned pretty much as a platform. An official and clear announcement about this was never really made, as far as I can tell. Ned’s project “Destiny” was just recently announced, and it was mentioned that focus would now be shifted to that, after many put a lot of time, money, and effort into this interface.

No longer beta?

Any heads up on what time your live stream will be so we can plan on being there? I would like to invite others but it is hard when you didn't tell us what time?

Oh found it

Hey ned and everyone. I don't know what's going on. Is the ship sinking? I see this post... And a new Steem website, but I don't know why or what or anything.

A short blurb giving a quick understanding would be great.

But then again... If the ship is sinking, I guess it is too late to be asking for better news posts.

I hope the Post about restructuring and all clarifies a little. Going to watch/read it now.


Probably my computer making a mistake here... but the contact us button doesn't work for me on any of my browsers.

You're right, the contact button doesn't work for me either.

Thanks for officially letting us now that this platform was basically an experiment and a funding period, before starting a whole new operation.

Pretty sad.

I love it, it's very friendly ... I'd like all the dapps to appear, not just 5. It would be amazing if the new live publications appear, not just those predetermined ones.

Another fact is that since Steem is not the most used blockchain, we have lost positions and we are in 5. We must work to return the number 1

congratulations for this new web
We are going to return Steem to the first position, we are going to take her to $ 10 that we can ...

Yes that is a bad look to claim that we are and then have a link with us at 5th !

What invites us to work to recover the first place

ooh wow, bummer ,,, but understandable i guess

Is @partiko in the top 10 STEEM-based apps?

It should be IMHO...

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Wow. Best thing I've seen in awhile. I'm actually impressed.

I like the new site much better, but check the Facebook link in the footer. It must be wrong! The link should be made to

That is a start in the right direction. Thank you for updating it.

FYI the contact link on the main page is non-functional

Truly interesting, perhaps a Right Step towards making Steem, Steemit and associated, more visible and better understanding with the statistics and lot more! So far...a Great job done!!!


BTW, @ned just an update, to correct a bug, in the "Contact Us" at the base of the homepage... Screenshot, as below!

Don't shoot the messenger, but I have some suggestions:

Link to Careers is broken:

About, Building better community...
2016 - blocks
2017 - improvements
2018 - nothing is mentioned, it looks... Not very alive...

Maybe you could use real users in the right sidebar, instead of made up names?

You have a point, like maybe promoting content he really likes for a week then change it again after one week, promoting people! All together this is good work, this will bring us back!

My only request for Steem is to make the API and documentation easier for beginners. I myself am making a series of (as much as possible) beginner friendly tutorials to try to teach even non programmers how to build steem apps. Launching an update to make the steem api integrate better with steemconnect or some library to make complex things easier or at least add much more details on the documentation would be great because right now the documentation is not very friendly and makes my work a bit hard as a teacher

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I'm glad to see with an updated UI, but it's too bad that you guys have given up on updating tough. It would definitely be nice with some visual updates over here as well.

so smooth, like ice

It looks awesome in terms of usability in a quick approach. The mobile first design is definetely a step forward.
I don't like colors but this is a personal preference that maybe could be configured by the user.
My best wishes and support for all the team, keep on!

Uncle @ned, can you return my joy of blogging by improving steemit to be wheee it used to be(@thetop)?

Homepage looks great! Congrats! Will look forward to hearing more on the live stream. Thanks.

Congratulation, see you on the top

Finally some good news in this brutal bear market.

Wow Amazing ! :)

from now on

let's STEEM price TO THE MOON !!!

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Lookin’ very stylish 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Awesome the new steem

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The site looks appealing, can't wait for more details tomorrow.

Hi @ned this is excellent, I am #onelovedtube and I can see this new page so nice. I hope many new things happen on the platform.

Great Looks! Now if only the slide would stop.

Keep Steemin!

I am really confused about it. What the hack it really is. And cant wait the livestream. So , congrats! The team behind the project! The page shows that you made something really amazing.

I already saw it (I think you shared it on your Twitter account too a few days ago) and I agree! It looks amazing! I find it really great how it caters to entrepreneurs, developers and social media users distinctly.

In time, maybe more DApps will be featured there? There are other cool ones!

This is beautiful...... Thumbs up to the team.

Really, really good. Congratulation to the design team!

Looks great brotha! Very exciting times, and I am really excited about "Destiny" as well 😉

Noticed this typo here

Elizabeth Powell
Head of Communications & Advocay <--- missing c

Page generates error (NoSuchKey).

Good job on new site for steem. i will be using soon

Logos inside that rounded buttons looks almost cut. Would be great to make logos size smaller to add more free space.

Nice initiative! Good work from the team behind this.

This is awesome :)

Wow. This is a superb interface. I am proud of you @ned and the developers that put this together. There can be no better time to be on the Steem blockchain. Regardless of what the naysayers think and say, Steem remains the only blockchain at the moment that can be referred to as the blockchain of opportunities. May I not miss in action on the day Steem with hit $20 and more. Cheers!

What about updates? The user interface need some adjustments...

Found a typo in the SMT section, not sure if the team will read this but it jumped out at me:

"SMTs are STEEM-like cryptocurrency tokens that can be integrated it into web applications and used to create incentives to entice your users to participate in, and grow, your platform."

The site makes a good case, should bring more people to the blockchain - good work.

very good web display. hopefully steem will grow and be good in the future.

@ned i was wondering if you could break down cryptocurrency and steemit in layman's terms because i am a new user i have a learning disability but i am interested in learning all about this stuff