We are very glad to have you as part of the CK family!

Awesome to see all the incredible things you are working on @neddykelly! Your list is very full and very robust! I think its amazing to have people like you here to blaze the path forward for the next generation! Keep up the awesome work and very impressive indeed! :)

Thanks Dave, your comments sound like the attributes of an indigo adult. Blazing the path forward. Stay tuned. And thank you also for the helpful guides and work you contribute

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So you have joined the CK fam, I see. Very nice to see! What exactly will you be doing all in all?

Thanks @steemmonstershow I am still crafting what I have in store and it will be revealed soon. I have chosen it this way so it gives me time laying it all out removing the kinks.

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Always.... You should leave a little initial at the end of your comment so I know who I'm speaking with 😊

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Congratulations on achieving 29 Moons here on Steem! So, how long is that in days? I see that I've been on Steem now for 122 Days (roughly 4 months). I did a similar post to this myself not long ago, when I achieved Reputation 50, and I stated my goals for my own existence on the Steem blockchain (see here). That was 19 days ago now, and I had just joined the #ContestKings #SteemMonsters Guild. All the best for the future, @neddykelly!

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   • Contest Kings Guild!   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

Hmm not sure of the mathematics... I know it makes my steem account an early adopte on the platform..

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Congrats on making it to 29 moons. .... I am still working on my first :P

Keep going brother you are doing well on the platform

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congrats for the milestone, and wishing you many more moons! and hope we see the steem moon along the way ;)