Neoxian: witness application

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Hey all,

I'm doing this mostly because the folks at MSP (Minnow Support Group) and PAL asked me to.

Here is my witness application:

I am Neoxian. Vote for me.




Alright, I suppose I should say a little more.

Reasons to vote for me:

  • I've been here since last July 2016 and I'm heavily invested would like to see Steem do well.

  • I'm pretty active on the chain, posting, curating, flagging spam and plagiarism.

  • I've run various businesses on the blockchain, to help demonstrate the business can be done in Steem. I was a pioneer being one of the first to rent delegations which has now become big business here. I have also loaned money to various people in need, helping them out of a tight spot.

  • I've done some good deeds, like saving @zaragast from the wrath of Steemcleaners. He is still a productive Steem citizen this very day. Also giving out free delegations to people to help keep the excited about the system:

Edit: vote here:

Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true.

(Pedro pic found on the internets)



"Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true."

I'll take one lambo cannon and at least a 6 pack of lambo's

p.s. you might throw in 7 lambos ive been voting you for witness for like 6 months now!

Casted a vote for witness...

happy steemiting...

have a great day.

voted u for witness....wishing to see u in the top 10

Thanks are a nicest person....and if the pic showin in this article is you ....then you are so cute...

voted for you as witness.....all the best...

by the way why r u looking sad in the picture.....

its Christmas time man...common ...steem on....

Crap, now I have to look at my 30, why I vote them, why I support them on behalf of 15 or so proxies via me, and see if I can fit you in. You've always done me solid, so I gotta think this through. Dangit, you've given me a thing to figure out now. Welcome to the game.

Aww hell @neoxian I have had you voted since your first damn day. This made me think I was nuts. Anywhoo... moving on.


Screenshot (15).png

Thank you sir, I'll try to do you proud.

Hey Neoxian you been helping allot of people so i think you really deserve to be a witness you have my vote :)
Upvoted in witness :D

Hello @neoxian,

Congratulations for top 50 >>>>> 49 neoxian got my witness vote.


bahaha, you are hilarious! I still gotta ask, what is your long term vision for steemit, and how do you fit that vision?

What could msp/pal team be doing better or different?

I see Steem as being the worlds first and foremost social forum on the blockchain. It's got the first mover advantage and as long as we can add new features (like SMTs) we can hopefully stay ahead of the game. Notice I said "Steem" rather then "Steemit". I would like to see the use of multiple front ends, and eventually a complete local front end to this unique forum. The Vessel client is the start of this, so I hope to see it developed more.

For MSP/PAL, sometime I wonder if they are trying to do too much, to be all things to all people. A tall order, but if it can continue to be a minnow friendly place that aids newcomers then I'll be happy with it.

vote @neoxian for witness

For a moment (seeing your thumbnail) I thought you came from the 70's as a hippy porn star.

auhauhauahauhauhauahauhauh ME TOO!!

Lol that Pedro pic though

I have not really vote for anyone but to be sincere you have done a great deal of good work here on steemit, infact i keep wondering why i have not met someone like you since i got here, well its never too late though, its a pleasure meeting you and am voting for you.

Hey, I think I interviewed you once..Make me a cake and I'll vote for you!

I have long chosen you as an @noxian witness, I have always chosen the tone, because I think, a human like you deserve to be a witness in steemit.

so i just have to write name there bro

i straight away did the vote without reading this i am smart ;)

Yep buddy have seen you helping many in the community :)
Which many does not they often think about themselves but you seem to be different
done for the witness vote !

@neoxian - 'I am Neoxian. Vote for me.' Yes Sir you got my witness vote too....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

I already voted you, do I have to vote you again? Maximum witnesses ato be voted are 20, isn't it?

Once is enough, thank you. You can vote for 30.

This is a great idea! Okay I'm adding you as one of my witness! Wish you a great of luck friend!


Added you as a witness of mine. Congratulations~

how to choose a witness,
I do not know how?

I have chosen you as a witness, I have been chatting with you in steemit chat.

My worthy witness! Voted

(But can you put a link to witness vote)

Thank you, and link added.

Voted :)

Hello, @neoxian,

OK, you have persuaded me. I've looked over your work and I see much that I like. So I have voted for this article 100%, followed you, and added you to my list of witness votes.

Here's wishing you the very best of luck and success as a witness here on Steemit! I look forward to hearing from you how it's going, from time to time.

Kindest regards,

- @creatr



Thank you!
Is this person trying to promote you or did they just copy your info? This is a bit confusing.

I think they are trying to promote me.

Yes, already voted.

bro in the witness section i have done voting :)

i thought you were already a witness great to know that you are now

Just casted a vote for you. I am fascinated by what you did on @compensationfund. Keep up the good work.

my vote goes to you !!!

@neoxian sir...
That is wonderful idea....I'm voted for you...

what is that proxy for ???

A proxy will let someone else decide your witness votes for you.

ok i will vote for you it will be my first vote :)

Now steemit would be a great place time to vote for neoxian

i just voted for you and you moved into the top 50 lucky i am :) haha just kidding

Thank you! Yea you might have had a little help.

I know you will. You have my vote. @ironshield

Sure the world wide web is great, but you, you make me ‘salvivate.

You have my vote buddy!

Checks votes....yup, done dis.

vote for pedro!

Pedro is my son!!!

You have my vote along with a couple people that set me as proxy.

Hey! I thought you were leaving. Ill have to follow you again lol. Good to see you actually.

Thanks @old-guy-photos, turns out I just needed a break from steemit for a bit. Still plenty of things to love about this platform.


You the man!
We are there for you.

with no need to read this, I will immediately vote to you, because you are the right person in growing small fish seeds in this platform. and this will probably be my next posting material. and I hope you do not mind me doing that. I like you @neoxian

No I don't mind, thanks!

You really made a great contribution to the community. People must vote for you. Such a genuine guy you are here.

you've been on my witness list for quite sometime now.. hihihi^^

Pedro pic is amazing. Thanks neoxian for your past help, you gave me a chance and in this way, i became a good steemian and a nice divulgator about cryptoverse. Thanks;)

For me , a big factor in throwing my support your way is they way you have helped out victims of the zeartul scam. I'll be casting my vote as soon as I get back to my computer.

If I am not voting for you let me know!
Aggroed is my proxy so think we are good!

I've given my vote, although it does not have a big impact on your post @neoxian

You've had my vote for a while now :)

You mean to tell me you are not already a witness? You would have seemed an obvious choice for that for a very long time.

I've been a witness but I didn't advertise it very much.

Well you got a vote from my various accounts. I appreciate your services. :)

Hot shit in a bag! You are indeed one solid Steemian. You got my vote for sure. Now I just have to throw someone out. I am really pleased you are going for it as no one can doubt you have Steemits best interest at heart. You have done loads of stuffs!

I actually voted because of the picture! Lol. 😅

Seriously, you got me when you stepped up in the middle of the bellyrub fiasco.

I've already voted you awhile back!

Do you really look like Pedro by any chance 😂

Thank you sir @neoxian you do great job on steemit world , if i can i will give you 10 votes for witness. thanks again

pic is amazing and thanks for you

I will vote your post

Upvoted and pls follow me thank you! :)

this is a wonderful idea, i appretiate this post is resteem done @neoxian

Thanks for the participant you are always a creative @neoxian

"Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true."

Now that is a pitch...

Mr @neoxian sir, excuse me for intruding and asking stupid questions, or even asking you questions at all - you really don't need to answer to anybody right.. especially some STEEM newb like me..

But anywho..

So this was posted back in December 2017, which is now almost 2 years old! Probably right after this was when STEEM went kaboom and had it's ATH - Now we are facing an ATL and exchanges are starting to delist STEEM and it's not making much traction.

Of course I feel like the brigade who is going around downvoting content blindly - just based on the author using a bid bot, instead of judging the actual content - they are detrimental to the onboarding of the platform! It becomes personal when you downvote based on what the author did, instead of basing it on what they created.

Anyways, STEEM could be in trouble, and I know you are still doing great deeds and still running your bank helping those less-fortunate or helping get them out of a bind...

Neoxian City is a wonderful place full of really unique people and you built it, maintain it, and keep it interesting!
I hope that never stops!

But I'm wondering how you FEEL about STEEM these days? The platform, the vision, the currency.. I'd love for you to share your thoughts about the entire ecosystem as it stands now and divulge your plans for the future, if any. It would be awesome if you made a post about it and linked it here, but I am not placing any expectations or demands on ya, hell it's really not that great a question anyways..

I have Approved you as one of my Witnesses, so I feel I at least have the responsibility and right to ask such things though..

Thanks for listening and keep on steeming on!

ok dear i just give you 100% upvote you diserve it @neoxian.and yes post also good content related

steemit is love : ) heheh

your request has been heard

dude you resteemed a post promoting doxing on steemit?

I did. Normally I would be against doxxing, but in this case, I feel it is warranted. @zeartul scammed many people out of a lot of money.

idk bro im kinda speechless right now.

He's a criminal and needs to brought to justice.. So I say good his info will be released

should the same be done for the criminal actions of doxing?

I dont know much except bellyrub stole a bunch of money, that is wrong and i am not defending him for that. taking legal action in a lawsuit or whatever is one thing but threatining to relese all his info and his familys and friends if demands arent met within a time line is also wrong (imo).
The info could have been shared amoungst the people trying to move foward with legal action but the way its going is just mafia style stuff.
whos to say one of the people he ripped off isnt some crazy fuq thats now going to go to his house and familys house and kill them all? or even a bystandard like the doxer is and decieds this person deserves what ever they do because they stole?
sorry for the winded response i just dont agree with using wrong doings as justifacation for more wrong doings.

ok thanks,,,

I want to deprive some of the witnesses I have chosen, and I do not think I have any use to choose them.

@neoxian, I follow you thank you've shared, hopefully this information is useful for my new join disteemit

Cool it will be awesome thanks for sharing this update that you are running witness node

Lage rubek hi kah goh.....

I also voted and follow you.

lets do.
whatever you want to do..
that's great carry on..

thank for [email protected] aggorod
and thank to share neoxian

beautiful photo, i like this post

wow its really longtime been here
good efforts dear friend

Yes @neoxian, I have done it and I have chosen you to find a quality post. Do it and see to appreciate it

I'll give you a witness vote. You had me at "I am Neoxian. Vote for me."

Hello there @neoxian. I saw a post on my feed with the title 'What is Neoxian?' that piqued my interest. She was kind enough to link to your witness post, so now I know you are a bank and witness on here! (Plus many more things of course) ;)

I will add you to our witnesses to research. You fund the economics of steemit. Seriously did not know about a bank role on here--clever! You see a need and are in the position to fulfill the needs of the mass. I don't partake on judging others for their activities on here, unless it is outright abuse.

Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true.

I gave up on finding a sugar whale on steemit my first day! ;)

I am sure you made many and many dreams come true! Lol. Will vote, or not, once I (or my geeky but currently MIA teammates) have some time to do our due diligence. Our small SP worth won't make much of an impact either way.

p.s., thank you for the kindly upvote on two of my posts. I would have sent a thank you memo, but I can't afford that $1 SBD amount required to attain your attention. So thank case you read this.

Got voted by each of my accounts.
4 times:
by @mysticravenpro my music promotion service help artists get exposure, FREE I charge nothing. Run by just me.

by @Ravenking13 My Music Blog where I post all my new tracks and music production videos and blogs.

by @ravenking23 where I have my Writing/Art Blog, I share my hobbies there such as silversmithing, tarot reading, writings, and much more.

by @ravenking semi- retired account cause I lost the owner key, I use it to hand out small votes and resteem content.

I will vote for you today. I'm a noob so appreciate your input. I'm interested to hear about the businesses and ways to make Steem work financially as you have done.

I’ll vote for you soon as I work it out how to vote