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RE: Different teams with different goals for the future of Steem

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Team 4: Those of us caught in the crossfire.

Kind of hard to make a decision when you're being shot at from every direction. Not all shots hurt, of course. Some sting. Some could have long lasting consequences. Positive or negative. When it's all coming at you at once though, it's kinda hard to know which ones to dodge.

All I can do is watch right now. If I could do more than that, I'd do more than that.


Yes - Team 4 is having a hard time. We have to wait and trust people to make the right decisions and provide us with a future we want to be a part of. I'm definitely hoping I will find that place. I've been forced to move houses before and I must say sometimes I didn't know I was going to get something that was really suitable for me until I had lived there for a few months.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll create some artwork on Hives and Bees and Honey and such at some point <3

I was pushed out onto the streets once in my life, and not for lack of effort. Everything around me simply fell apart. I couldn't stop it.

I'll be where I belong.

Everything around me simply fell apart. I couldn't stop it.

I've heard stories that started with 'I forgot to pay one (!) bill' that ended like that.

I'll be where I belong.

Me too :-)

I am with you there, I just lie back and watch, right now I am more worried about the lock down I am in and my not being able to even go out my gate. Whatever happens here will happen, there is really not much that I can do. I will decide what to do when things seem more clear.

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