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RE: Losing interest in Steem

in #steemlast year

...there are better places to invest.

Hope you mean only an investment in time.

Most of the Steem/HIVE Rewards are going to the same accounts.


The same circle jerk that's been going on for almost 4 years now.

Save a little love for XMR would be my non-financial advice. 😎


Time and hobby money bought most of my Steem for less than 20 cents, so it was certainly better than sitting on most cryptos, however, it is time to sell. I'm Canadian too, so putting some funds in crypto (US denominated) didn't hit me as hard as it would have as buying many Canadian stocks. My advice to anyone is not to ever put more than 5-10% of one's liquid net worth into cryptocurrencies. This stuff is all heavily manipulated