The Future & The New Location For The Olympia Steem Meetup

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The first official meeting of the Olympia Steem Meetup was held last weekend. One new Steemian came down for some food and blockchain talk, so I feel like it was still a full-fledged success - a slow start, but a good start. I have meetups planned for every weekend this month, and a cool new location worked out.

Vision for the future [artist's rendition]

Spar, the old location, is a cool spot. I love the old architecture, all the natural light, and the general style of the place. They even serve a decent imitation of a Cuban sandwich (no one ever gets the bread right). But it's time to say goodbye to Spar because I found a new meetup location that I am very excited about.

Olympia Steem Meetup Now At The Green Lady Shoppe

It turns out that one of the local recreational weed shops has opened up a separate business next door. It's called the Green Lady Shoppe. It will be the new home of the Olympia Steem Meetup for the foreseeable future.


The Green Lady Shoppe is sort of a plush café with fancy coffee, sweet bakery snacks, and kombucha on tap. They have free wi-fi, as well as a stage and a PA, which could come in handy sometime. There's an open mic on Wednesdays that maybe I should check out.

The cafe also sells T-shirts and local glass, and at the store next door, you can buy weed and a variety of processed cannabis products if you're 21 or older. Washington law prohibits public consumption of cannabis, which means there is no partaking on-site.

The Green Lady Shoppe Is Open To All Ages

You need to be 18 to buy some of the products, such as the CBD-infused beverages, but all ages are welcome to visit the Green Lady Shoppe. Maybe the meetup can convince them to accept crypto eventually 😉, but for now, you should bring some cash for refreshments if you want to avoid pointless ATM fees.


I'm excited about building this meetup and getting more local people involved with Steem!

Support the Olympia Steem Meetup, and join us if you can!

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This is great, hope to see one closer to me soon!

Good stuff. Keep fighting the good fight!

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