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RE: Is Steemit A Rigged System Ready to Fall? Why Should a Person Have More Votes Than You? Or Downvote?

in #steem5 years ago

I have a question for you. Why did you downvote two of my old posts? I haven't downvoted any of your posts or comments. I expressed my disapproval to the negativity that you are spreading but mentioned that you are free to post whatever you like. Don't you think it's hipocritical on your part?


I just removed the flags...thanks

If I did, I am sorry...the Steemit report stated that two users flooded my page with massive down votes......if you did not down vote me, then I am sorry....there are several people who have lost their minds, stalking, cyber bullying and more new users in here.....frankly they are tearing the site up where if the founders do not get a handle on it all the site will crash and burn

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