Oracle-D's visit to SOS Children’s Village in Banda, Aceh - Indonesia.

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Welcome to the 24th update of Oracle-D Campaign powered by Fundition - A Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform on STEEM Blockchain. This blog will talk about the details of @Oracle-D's future visit to SOS Children’s village in Banda, Aceh. We will help them create humanitarian programs with Steem Blockchain.


SOS Children's Village

SOS Children's village is a non-profit organization which helps young boys who already became teenagers. This organization has been involved in humanitarian work and known to fight for Children's rights, support their livelihood and education. One of these villages is called @rumoeh.agam, you can checkout their intro post . As soon as @mariska.lubis and @fararizky talked to us about this village, we decided to help them setup various crowdfunding programs on STEEM Blockchain to support their mission.


Source: @Oracle-D's visit to Banda, Aceh by @fararizky

It is located in Banda, Aceh to support children who were the victims of tsunami which made them orphan and abandoned. It has provides many facilities to children to become independent and enable themselves to face the world. We give our special thanks and regards to Mr. Rinaldi, who is the leader of this village, for showing interest in Blockchain Technology. All the members of organization work very hard to give these Children a healthy and sustainable life.

One of the @Oracle-D's mission is to help such organizations to build their system on STEEM and involve more people in Humanitarian Projects. It would be amazing to see how STEEM blockchain can actually support and change lives of many humans including these young children. We are so glad to be a part of this! We do not know yet how all this will play out but we already have a list of some ideas. We might take help from @Fundition as well since they are known to support such projects.

@oracle-d is scheduled to visit SOS Children's village in Banda Aceh on October 22nd, 2018 from 10am to 12pm Local Time. They will meet the children, parents, and management to discuss what we all can do with humanitarian program on Steem blockchain. It might not be the best, but at least they know that there is another options they could choose to achieve their vision and missions. Steem blockchain is offering us a lot of opportunity to develop ourselves as well as to help others to grow and develop together.

Source: @Oracle-D Visits SOS Children's Village by @mariska.lubis

Special thanks to @mariska.lubis and @fararizky for organizing this meet and giving us the opportunity to help beautiful humans. We are very exited to connect with everyone at the village. We will do our best to setup a humanitarian project for them and hopefully replicate the same in future with other such Projects! If you are in Indonesia, please come and visit this place with us. Comment below!



Note: We are on a 18 day tour of Indonesia starting from 18th October. Please follow our journey on our STEEM Blog and help us bring wonderful projects on the STEEM Blockchain.

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Excellent work that has organized @oracle-d, people like you are the ones that impact the world, the best we can do is place our gifts and talents at the disposal of our neighbor, a mixture of integrity, work, knowledge and love, which has as a result of making the world a better place, thinking about children is such an assertive subject, because we are sowing in the generation of the future, instructing children who will be the best adults of tomorrow. I believe that Steemit will leave an indelible mark on the world through people who are capable of giving their best despite the circumstances. God with you @mariska.lubis and @fararizky.

Amazing work you are doing there @oracle-d. Thank you for seeing @rumoeh.agam as a worthwhile project. Kudos to @mariska.lubis and @fararizky for stirring this. I hope @rumoeh.agam could have an English translation of their project update so they can have a handful of supports from English speaking users.

Thanks for your comment @uyobong. We are here to setup that as well. Translations in English!

Thank you to @oracle-d and all for the support. I just arrived in Banda Aceh and now I am at @rumoeh.agam to discuss about the Matt and Dyland visit, as well as what we can do for them. This is very exciting! IMG_20181017_113311.jpg

Good job you're doing. Kudos!

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Great job my sir @oracle-d in this time world is going to Crisis monent and also children cannot take a help for other person. Its so pathetic for us.i salute you for help Children, thanks my sir

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@oracle-d well done Asia really needs this expecially Indonesia in particular, this is a project that Certain maintains and empower, I hope this humanitarian projects can really go a long way in inspiring other bodies to join your work, splendid

Welcome to my country and thanks for helping.... 👍

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Second day Voting

Great is very beneficial for childrens future...👍

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@oracle-d Team, Great to hear about this project and it's an Kind, Graceful and Humanitarian work and for that i really want to appreciate whole team. And for sure these kind of projects are really important and every community should rise for Goodness because if we are growing then we should spread our hands to rise up who are lacking the resources. And we all know that in this world in my opinion most of the governments are not able to create the opportunities or providing the basic things to many people which is their basic rights. So in these type of cases one human being should stand with the fellow human being because we should not depend upon others as they will do and it's not my responsibility. Keep up the great work team.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

Thank you so much for your support. I hope everyone in SOS CV and rumoh agam can have a better life in the future.
And this is our dinner be like in Rumoh agam


You are doing amazing work! Good work always brings goodness. Your motive is high so your work will be a great success as well. I wish you good luck.

I have done now as per your advise, here is my proof.

Welcome to banda aceh

In addition to transfer knowledge, oracled also do social action in Aceh. Thank you for everything. Wow, @oracle-d it is remarkable.

I posted article translating @oracle-d " Oracle-D's visit to SOS Children’s Village in Banda, Aceh - Indonesia " into japanese. I arranged a little.

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