lol, 100%, nice work :-)

Thank you very much, Mr. Twinner... 🤣 Please don your fire-proof suit as you navigate through the flame war in the comments!

wow it's really funny :)

Every now and then I make something that's lots of fun :)

Ahhh I've missed your Steem inspired artworks, great job fre :)

I hope you brought marshmallows, we've got a flame war today, I guess meme-ing bad English is a crime now 🤣

Are you back from your steem vacation?

I'm slowly but surely getting back on the horse :) Marshmallows ready Sir!

I can't believe how hot-tempered some of these whinies be XD

If any of you have a spare vote and want to give a try, I happen to be a witness who believes in this platform.

lol..Great post and pics... I still use my Avatar you made me 3 years ago :)

And YES ,Please vote for witness's

LOLOLOLOL This is so creative. Love every bit of the art ! :D
SP = Sun Protection
Cover your xxx


Thanks for dropping in! Been pretty busy lately + trying to process the events of the last week, this is my first "opinion" post :)

ya know it, moon

LOL! Best use of SP I have come across yet! and yes, I made sure all 30 of my spots were filled the day after the news hit.

Definitely makes me unsettled, but as @soyrosa points out, there are 4000 other blockchains that would like such a backer - it's just that - is he a backer - or a threat... I think someone would have to be crazy to attempt to dismantle a project with so much potential, hopefully Mr. Sun will ‘see the light’.

Don't doubt that he sees the potential... whether or not his intentions are pure is another thing altogether. He needn't dismantle it in order to overthrow it. Time will tell I suppose.

You made my day! :D

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Wohooooo... Sun, fun and flame wars! :D

lets build a sand castle

Love it @overkillcoin, and it's just cool to see one of your posts in the "Trending" feed! Rock on!

And yes, I do my best to remain 100% witnessed at all times.

how can people think with such deep fun,its awesome man. lol

Thanks @neteater :D My mind goes off in crazy tangents during my regular working hours, and all the thoughts compound into something that's a lot of fun. The trick is to start small and just add to the stack of ideas :)

Here I thought I was the only one feeling negative about the whole thing.

Nah, lots are concerned... :(

It's burning bright out here for steemit, #DaSun. Probably the best illustration I've seen today

Why does your name have a one on it?

lol we need to protect steem from sun

Yes I argree very muches!

Lol:; I'm really overwhelmed, short of words. That is great & fantastic art. Thanks for this reminder, I'm gonna support witnesses!

Thanks for letting me know, I was hoping I could stir up the crowd a bit :D

I still have one or two votes left, and your marketing was 👌, so...

Yup, I had two missing spots before the sunrise occurred... I have them filled and even shifted things around a bit.

lol this is hilarius too sunblock lmfao

I would want to buy the water-proof version of Sun Blocker :)

Haha, love this post! As a new guy to Steem and as a Tronix, I understand the importance of good governance (it could be better at TRON), so I am still looking for good Witnesses to cast my vote to. In my travels through several posts within Steem, I found 3 so far worthy of my vote. I would be eager to find out who else should get my vote, so some good inputs would be appreciated. I will check if @overkillcoin is a Witness as content like this should be rewarded!

Nah, I'm not techy enough to be a witness, but I really appreciate the gesture.

These are the guys I'm voting for:

You can also proxy-vote - that is, to vote identical to a trusted account holder...

Welcome to Steem! :D

I built one because I trust this platform and if I ever get to "top 20", I intend to listen to every voter's complains.

Click here to vote for Steem Witness

hahaha bravo very nice.

Sometimes my imagination takes me to some wacky places!!! :D

I wonder about when will he start a counter campaign. And how will he distribute Steem for it.

So much confusion right now, these fellas have a lot to iron out ! :O

Cool to see your stuff on trending for a change :>)

That hasn't happened for like two whole years haha...

It was much deserved :>)

I laughed a lot with that image!!! Very good and very creative ahahaha
Hug from Portugal

Thanks so much friend for visiting my post & your kind words :)

Worth to note crazy guys behind ROTFL who launched witness during these times.

Yes, i mean, ourselves.

Mark of ROTFL

Can I order some of that "special" sunblock LOL

You already got some :-):-):-)

Maybe there will be a sun-block SMT to solve all potential problems :)

Good way to advertise

I hope you will buy my Sun-Block! I can ship you a case. What country are you living froms?

Eeerm... Is that meant to be funny?...

P.S: jus kiddin :D

It was meant to get me some upvotes... wait - I mean - funny, it was definitely meant to be funny :D

Hahah love the sun play on words.

I was just reviewing our friend taskmasters post extolling the virtues of the witness vote. I have to go refresh it so that I am supporting the active constructive witnesses and maintaining the decentralization of our blockchain.

A great reminder delivered with zeal only you can produce.

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I don't know fully if I'm supporting the best of the best, it's hard to tell honestly for someone who has no time to research...

TaskMaster? Who's that? :D

Well, I've been around for quite some time, but I've never had the sun stare back at me! :O

Oh, man, this is phenomenal @overkillcoin 😂😂😂 You should put every tag possible: steem tron justin justeem… 🤣

Thanks a lot!!!! I found a funny photo of the Sun guy, perfect image to draw from :)

which witnesses do you recommend?

Don’t vote for these looser witnesses like @themarkymark, or wolfwhatever his name is!! I’m trying to get rid if them! They’re done for ruining stewmit!

Those are some pretty bold claims, can you be more Pacific* about what you're trying to get at — or are you just randomly slandering?

* Yes, like the ocean


🤣🤣i just love the way you think...that is very interesting.

Thank you so much for your kind comment Lily! Comments make it worthwhile!!! :)

Well done. Clever.
Disclaimer: This human hasn't had enough caffeine yet and couldn't think of a better response.

I always struggle with what to say in comments, nooo problem! Thanks for the visit and your kind words :)

I approve the puns and the wisdom in this post.

Haha nice 😂 And also a great message 👌

Looks like I struck a chord, I had no idea it would blow up like this haha... thanks!!!

so is this trending on everyones trending page?

It was , I think, on friday. First time I've really hit trending !! :O

This is great, nice Sun block.

Now in coconut and pineapple flavour!!!!

help for my friend ayuda para mi amiga
help me share ayudame a compatir

lol..Great post and pics... I still use my Avatar you made me 3 years ago :)

Those were fun times, just before the bull run... I took them for granted though :-/ Glad you still use Blocky :D

That was a Really Good Post!
Wake Up Call,
With "Really Good & Thought Out Graphics"!!
Just Awesome!