Steemit Ships to Tron. No Shits, Right?

in #steemlast year

So, Ned couldn't put Communities and Smart Media Tokens together?
What a waste of hair! Such a disappointment! With all that social media buzz about this blockchain eventually doing well in the future, this is rather a surprise. It throws a lot of things into uncertainty.

Oh, and the media isn't helping at all. Some websites say Tron bought over, some say it bought over the entire blockchain database, which is utter BS since no one single person owns this blockchain.

I assume steemit is moving over to Tron along with all of its assets on this blockchain. This means all of its users can redeem their stake for a replacement token on Tron.

I have a few questions about that though.
Firstly, What happens to the other communities remaining on this blockchain?
We know that Steemit, unlike the other dapps on this platform didn't have a different token for them. We earned Steem directly, even when other dapps came in with their tokens. What happens to Steem coins on Steem blockchain after Steemit goes away and all of its users exchange their original steem for one of Tron's newest Shitcoins? Will the other communities and Dapps on Steem just continue with their tokens? Would Steem be Steem without Steemit?

Secondly, @ned. What the fuck happened here?
All that guitar videos and Discord Alliance and talks about setting up a foundation in the past? Nothing?
You had one Job!

Is this good or bad for Steem though?
What do you think?