How effective Motivational Quotes and Writing on Steemit?

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"Being a writer is like doing homework every night, every day of your life."

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Your failures are not equal to your future. It is your desire to try and dare to fail that allows you to achieve success. Let the failure go. Answer this

Stop waiting for inspiration - go with it after practice and exercise your creativity like a muscle. Answer this

Even the smallest win is still a win. Be proud of yourself. Answer the other's posts!

Find someone you trust (who will be fair and honest) with suggestions for improvement, as well as what they like or dislike.

Now let's talk about Love quotes!

Why Love Quotes?


A lot of the time, soft words of love can easily melt the hardest heart and romanticize you if you don't have one. Not only that, your relationship will definitely spice up with some quotes on love. It is said that love can make you a poet.

However, it is very possible that you are in love and still not able to write a love poem. If you want to be able to write something beautiful, then love quotes can definitely be a good source of inspiration.

The symphony of love will fill you with some of the most romantic thoughts and words of your heart.

Love Quotes can Spice up your Love Life

Some said, "It's easy to fall in love." However, many of us will find the feeling of love to be completely more challenging than being in love. Are you among those who experience a challenge? The feeling of love makes it easier for you to express your feeling of love.

Love quotes inspire you to write something beautiful to express your feeling of love. One of the ways to make perfect love is to write a billlet doux, if you are of the creative and poetic type, writing a love letter is probably simple.

However, if you are a normal person like me who wants to pen a few lines for our sweetheart, love quotes can help a lot. Love quotes help you rise to the occasion and fulfill the need of the hour, especially when your mind failed to come to terms.

One of the few good quotes is, "Love is like playing the piano. First, you want to learn to play the principles, then you want to forget the principles and play with your heart."

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